Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Sisters

Tuesday's Top 5

Two weeks ago I looked at some of the awesome brothers out there in the anime world. Today, I’m looking at all the great sisters that exist out there. Admittedly, both of these lists have made me want to write the top 5 most horrible sibling list so I guess I’ll have to get around to it at some point. For best sister though, I was really just looking for someone who looked out for their family.

Please Note: There will be some spoilers below.

Honourable mention this week toΒ  Ryo and Kyo from Clannad for obvious reasons.

Number 5: Mikasa from Attack on Titan


Okay, technically adopted sister, but her loyalty to Eren is pretty obvious (if not a little bit obsessive). Still, just think how many times Eren wouldn’t have been beaten senseless if not for Mikasa. Her presence is life saving.

Number 4: Akari from Chaika: Coffin Princess


Another slightly obsessive sister, only in her case she’s not overly protective. She’s fine if her brother does die as long as his body can be stuffed and kept. Despite that somewhat cavalier attitude, Akari is always there as part of the team and her skills are pretty first rate even if her weapon of choice is a bit less precise than Touru’s. All and all though, she’s got her brother’s back and follows him half-way across the country after he accepts Chaika’s job.

Number 3: Kyon’s Sister from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

kyons sister

Now this is one cute little sister. She has no name (that I know of or have been able to find) but she is adorable. Not creepily obsessed, she likes getting her brother’s attention but is happy to tease him, look to his friends for their attention, or just play with the cat. This girl gets my vote for one of the most plausible little sisters I have seen in anime yet.

Number 2: Suzuna from Kaichou wa Maid-Sama


This girl needs the theme song ‘My Way’. While Misaki as the older sister works hard to help out her family, this younger sister isn’t exactly dead weight. With a fierce focus on entering competitions, Suzuna brings many much needed items into the house taking some of the strain off of her overly serious sister. It is impossible to know what Suzuna would be like if their money situation hadn’t developed, but everything she does in the series is to benefit the household and so she definitely earned her place on this list.

Number 1: Akari from March Comes in Like a Lion


If Kyon’s sister is my most plausible little sister, than Akari is kind of the dream version of an older sister. She’s patient, calm, wise enough given her own age and also knows when to keep her mouth shut. What makes her an even better older sister is she extends that protection and warmth beyond her blood siblings to Rei who she sees struggling to find his way. Akari is definitely the perfect older sister.


Over to you, who would you have included on your list of anime sisters?

Thanks for reading.

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17 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Sisters

  1. Well, that’s an interesting topic for a list.
    I’ll have to say Natsu, Hinata’s sister and Suzuna too! That’s because I always wanted an elder brother, too bad I’m an only child….
    Sisters are fun (I guess?) But for me, I think it’s always an onii chan <3

  2. Akari is the best sister out there! I absolutely loved the sisters in first season and I can’t wait to see them again in season two, especially Momo; she’s so cute!!

  3. I’m not gonna lie, inclusion of Mikasa in the list is kinda getting me awkward for expecting some kinda love interest between Eren and her; but yeah, got to agree with the fact that her presence is what has kept Eren alive for so long.
    I would add Kotori in the list, from Seitokai Yakuindomo. Yeah, I know she isn’t that much of the idea type, but to be honest I have never seen a little sister as perverted as her, while still maintaining the line where it doesn’t gets too incestuous. I would like to have a sister like her XD
    Great list as always, and thanks to you, I got a new anime to check out too!

  4. Well, you have already included her: Mikasa πŸ˜€ She is just awesome, can’t help it, I just really like her character 😊 As for that top 5 most horrible siblings list, that sounds awesome. Look forward to that list! πŸ˜€

        1. It also helps reviewing because I’m seldom tempted to compare. There’s a few shows where after the fact I’ve gone to the source material because I’ve just had to know how something has ended and the anime is not going to finish, but otherwise I tend to stick to just the anime.

          1. I feel. TBH, I think watching the anime of AoT is way better, because the action is such a main part of the series, and I feel like the ODM gear fights are WAAAY better when they are acutally in motion…not just a picture. It would therefore be upsetting to read the story of AoT and experience the ending without all the pleasures of a motion-picture, and then, when you are actually experiencing the anime, the only thing adding to the excitement is the fact that its all in motion…sorry, I know this is sort of a rant that doesn’t make sense!

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