Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Princesses

Tuesday's Top 5

The Princess list turned out to be easier than the anime Prince list. That’s probably because there’s a lot of princesses out there who happily sit as bystanders and then there are the extreme warrior princess tropes that run around. Finding a princess who is an active participant in their story but not a juggernaut of violence is actually fairly challenging. Still, here are my top 5 picks for anime princesses who have that regal Princess air to them (at least at times) but also take an active role in their plot. Bonus points for great outfits and as always I’d love to know what my readers think.

Number 5: Princess Hitei (Katanagatari)


As the antagonist for a lot of Katanagatari, Princess Hitei didn’t really get to do a lot (and in honesty I’m not entirely sure if she’s a real Princess), but her manipulations and schemes certainly directed a lot of the action within the series. More importantly, when her schemes all came crashing down around her, she proved herself adaptable which is a fairly vital survival trait and one she demonstrated beautifully. Not to mention, her look is crazy but distinct – like most characters from Katanagatari.

Number 4: Chaika (Chaika – Coffin Princess)


Alright, I know she’s actually a clone of a Princess and only one of many, but Chaika is awesome. Her magic is a little inconsistent and takes forever to power up, but you have to admit when it works, it is pretty brilliant. And even knowing her whole life is being manipulated, Chaika still manages to find her purpose for moving forward. Kind of have to love her (and her hair clips – those are gorgeous).

Number 3: Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon)


This girl has way too many titles and while the modern day Serena isn’t exactly instilling confidence in her leadership most days, her past life and future self certainly lend her some credibility that even if she isn’t there yet she will be one day. Besides, the girl has saved the world how many times? You have to cut her some slack if she wants to spend her afternoons playing video games when there is no world threatening evil afoot.

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Number 2: Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)


While I still feel Shirayuki was the superior red headed character of these two, technically Shirayuki is not a Princess (marry Zen already), and so Yona takes the number 2 place on this list. I will admit, as much as Yona didn’t impress me when I first saw it, time and a rewatch has definitely made me appreciate her more and now that I’m two volumes into the manga I’m kind of hoping to learn even more about the Princess who lost everything in one night and yet refused to give in.

Number 1: Euphemia li Britannia (Code Geass)


Okay, her ending was pretty tragic for everyone involved, as it was supposed to be, but even before the event that made her infamous, Euphemia was a pretty special princess. Despite her lack of combat abilities compared to her siblings, she didn’t just sit on the sidelines. She worked her strengths and found other pathways such as diplomacy to achieve her ends and she almost succeeded at bringing about peace. I’m laying the blame for her untimely end entirely on Lelouch and I’m just saying we lost a very fine Princess.

That’s the end of another list but as always I’ll now turn it over to the comments and ask you who your favourite or top 5 anime Princesses are.

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41 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Princesses

  1. Demn, Euphemia is such a queen without even wearing a crown and seat at the thrown. I totally agree with you and I still felt devastated til now that her demise is so unfair.

  2. If Euphemia had lived, I imagine the world would have had its most benign revolution ever. It was such a tragedy what happened to her, especially when, for once, it wasn’t Lelouch’s hostility, but just a single moment of carelessness on his part which led directly to her death. Sadness! 🙁

    Yona, I think, could have become much more than she did. Her determination was endearing, as were her courage and compassion, but I kept wondering what she would actually *do* if she became a queen.

    Heh, and Shirayuki could technically be considered a princess, albeit an informal one, as the daughter of the man who, really, rules the mountainous region and leads his men in defending it. 🙂

      1. Eh, her father’s a king in all but name of a land that is its own kingdom in all but name, so why not a princess in all but name? 😉

      2. And I get a kick out of the idea that all these people held her common-birth against her, when she’s as noble as any of them (and in more than just name). 🙂

  3. Oh, that’s an easy one. My pick would be Rayneshia from Log Horizon. She’s really relatable, wanting nothing more than to lay around in bed all day, and being perfectly aware of her given place in society as a glorified ornament, but still willing to step up and do her part when the time is right.

  4. Whoo! A Chaika spotting! 😉

    I would include Nike Lemercier from The World Is Still Beautiful, Princess Charlotte from Princess Principal and of course, Nausicaa! 🙂

    1. Nike! How could I forget Nike. Great pick.
      I did consider Charlotte but then I got hung up on which one of them was actually the Princess and decided to shelve the question.

  5. Yay…was totally looking forward to this list…because well…princesses (and of course again making me realise again that I have so many anime to catch up on lol😂😂). I just KNEW there would be at least one princess for Sailor Moon in it 😂😂
    As for me…I’m going with Princess Kaguya. She was great and I thought it was such a beautiful movie. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it 😊😊

  6. No surprise that Serenity makes the list, and while I wasn’t a fan of Code Geass, I can’t argue with Euphemia. I should probably watch Yona someday – heard too many good things about it.

    As I mentioned last week, four of my five favorite princesses I don’t have to think twice about. In no particular order:

    Princess Sherwood wasn’t just my favorite princess from Princess Resurrection, she was my favorite character in the entire series. Despite being the youngest sibling, she’s clever enough to hold her own in the fight for the throne, and for me she was also the most engaging of the three princesses; she’s more actively involved and ambitious about trying to win than Lilliane, but not as ruthless about it as Sylvia.

    Pacifica Casull, the titular Scrapped Princess. One of my favorite fantasy series from the early 00s, and Pacifica’s a big part of that. She’s a bit spoiled, but she’s a good and caring person at heart, and honestly troubled about the prophecy claiming she’s going to destroy the world. That we know she’s not the sort of person who’d willingly do that just adds another layer to the mystery surrounding the oracle.

    Stella Vermillion, from Chivalry of a Failed Knight. She’s beautiful, she’s badass, and she won’t hesitate to act to protect the people she loves. That’s my kind of princess.

    Punie Tanaka, from Magical Witch Punie-chan. By far the most violent of my princesses, but I love it that her preferred method of dishing out punishment is submission wrestling holds. I definitely wouldn’t want to be one of her subjects, but watching this cute little princess change into anime’s version of Ronda Rousey whenever someone threatens her is so absurdly hilarious that it never gets old.

    The fifth one was the hard one, but in the end I have to go with Nausicaa. She has the kindness and empathy that a good ruler should have, but she also has the confidence to step forward and wield her authority when she needs to. So many princess characters in fiction are never given any actual power or chances to demonstrate real leadership; Nausicaa does, and she wears the mantle well. Frankly, if I had to choose any one of these princesses to rule my country, Nausicaa is probably the one I’d pick.

      1. Which two are those, out of curiosity?

        I will say with Princess Resurrection that the anime really isn’t worth watching IMO. The manga was actually the first manga series I ever got hooked on, but the anime never came close to doing it justice. Not only was it kinda flat and repetitive, it barely even touched on the main plot of the manga before it ended. They did somewhat expand Sherwood’s role in the anime, but that was one of the only good decisions that they made.

  7. As always, you’ve hit some good ones: Euphie, Yona, Serenity. If I had to add two of my own to complete the set, I’d go with Cornelia from Geass (cause she’s the real best girl) and the darling Sonia Nevermind of Danganronpa 2!

  8. “You have to cut her some slack if she wants to spend her afternoons playing video games when there is no world threatening evil afoot.”
    If I were a crime-fighting princess, I’d use the excuse I’m playing video games to “study” what other princesses do in times of crisis. And learning fighting techniques to copy. TOTALLY selfless, giving up my free time to “study”.

    Seriously, though, great choices!

    1. Great excuse and one Sailor Moon should have thought of really. All things considered though, given how many times she’s saved the world, no matter how much of a goof she is in the down time we kind of have to forgive her.

    1. I know, it was so hard to decide which one to put as number 1, but it really had to be Euphy. She was fantastic and tragic all at once.

      1. Code Geass can be polarizing—either you love it or you hate it—but either way there’s no denying there’s something powerful about its characters, especially Euphy and (I would add) LeLouch’s sister.

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