Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Couples from 2018

Tuesday's Top 5

This week’s top 5 list counts down my favourite anime couples from 2018. They don’t need to be canon, they don’t need to actually end up together, they just need to be super-adorable and make my heart melt. I’d love to know which anime couples you fell in love with this season so be sure to leave me a comment below.

And apparently I haven’t previously done a list like this at the end of 2017 or 2016, so this is the very first couples list for a single year. I’m definitely going to have to make this an ongoing thing next year because this list was super fun to write.

Honourable Mentions:

I never thought I’d see the day that Kirito and Asuna weren’t on my Top 5 couples list but with what little we’ve seen of Alicization and only one episode with the two of them actually together I just couldn’t justify having them in the top 5. The same goes for Okabe and Kurisu from Steins;Gate 0. I love those two together but they just didn’t show up that much together this year. The last honourable mention is Mitsuru and Kokoro from Darling in the Franxx. Those two were actually pretty adorable together despite my misgivings with the plot of Franxx.

Number 5: Siluca and Theo from Record of Grancrest War

As much as there are some big issues with Record of Grancrest War, and as much as I feel Siluca’s character progression hit the skids as soon as Theo and Siluca became an actual couple, this was one of the most adorable pairs from earlier in the year. Theo may have seemed like a passive protagonist, but he certainly didn’t waste any time or the opportunity to confess his love to Siluca. These two characters could have really carried a very different show if they had chosen to focus on their relationship a little bit more and it would have been fantastic to watch.

Number 4: Nanami and Yuu from Bloom Into You

Okay, Nanami and Yuu both have issues with relationships and I’m honestly not sure if I’m hoping for these two to get a happily ever after or not after everything that’s happened, but I cannot deny I love watching these characters together. The way they gently poke at each other, move the other to see things differently, offer comfort and support, as well as mock when the occasion calls for it, is just all kinds of adorable. I’ve really enjoyed watching their relationship progress even if it is progress of the one step forward several steps back kind.

Number 3: Syaoran and Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card

Another great couple from a not-so-great anime. Then again, Syaoran and Sakura have been one of my favourite couples for a very long time and Clear Card just confirmed why. Seeing these two together is truly a joy. Now if we could just stop Syaoran from trying to keep secrets from Sakura, and if Sakura could share her power more often because watching the two of them flying together was the single most squeal worthy moment ever.

Number 2: Takato and Junta from Dakaichi

It won’t be for everyone but I really enjoyed watching the relationship develop in Dakaichi. Part of the appeal is Takato as an individual character, however the longer you watch, the more you realise that everything that is great about how Takato changes as a character comes about because of Junta, and he’s no slouch either in the character development department. These two guys have found each other and while their relationship is riddled with issues and ego, it is an so much fun to watch and I just keep hoping for their happily ever after.

Number 1: Ash and Eiji from Banana Fish

This one isn’t going to surprise anyone who follows me on Twitter. Seriously, every Friday I’ve been spamming the retweets of fan art and screen caps of these two because they are so worth it. And you know what, they don’t need to kiss on screen, they don’t need to actually confess their feelings, and we don’t even need a ring exchange. Every scene with these two together shows their relationship and feelings and seeing them interact is the sweetest and simultaneously most heartbreaking thing to watch and most definitely gives this one every reason to top my list here. Ash and Eiji are beautiful together and bring out the absolute best in one another.

That’s my list, come to an end. Right now I’d love to know which couples made your list and why so be sure to leave me a comment.

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24 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Couples from 2018

      1. I can’t comment on your pairings 1-3 (not been watching), Yuu/Touka is worthy, but I’d definitely rank Sakuta/Mai in my top 3. Why? Because their interactions are so refreshing. A fairly balanced bonding of two genuine individuals which deeply care for each other, and who can still tease each other in a friendly way without any one dominant side.

        Most pairings are main character plus trophy partner. Or one aggressive and one gentle part. Mai/Sakuta are distinctly different, but still on eye level. Extremely rare and precious.

    1. More figuratively than literally. 😉
      Still, there’s definitely some internal squealing going on with some of these couples. Though Zen and Shirayuki from Snow White with the Red Hair, remain my unbeatable favourite anime couple of all time.

    1. I am pleased I have the power to implode the universe and all… They are gouing on a top 5 list for the year, probably more than one, but I am trying to avoid the same characters appearing too often on these lists. They are an awesome couple and we’ll deserve the mention.

  1. Nice choice, it’s different from usually :), I personally like Aoba and Kou from Cross Game or Eureka and Renton from Eureka Seven. (ps. I made a couple small donations, I know it’s not much.) But I hope you keep writing 🙂

  2. Syaoran and Sakura were the only couple I’ve seen in the animes I saw from this year, but even still they’re still my favorite couple. They’re just so adorable together I just can’t help, but smile. Plus, Syaoran knows how to treat his lady well unlike a lot other anime characters I see. I also didn’t think greatly of Clear Card either, but seeing them together was one of the bright spots in it.

  3. Mai and Sakuta from Bunny Girl. These two are so compatible on so many levels.

    Haruo and Akira from Hi Score Girl. Akira being an on-screen mute actually makes their relationship even more interesting, since we (and Haruo) are usually left with trying to decode her feelings and desires from her facial expressions and other nonverbal cues – for the animators it becomes a literal case of “show don’t tell.”

    Aoi and Hinata from Encouragement of Climb. So much wonderful growth in both of their characters (and passing an important crossroads in their friendship) during season 3.

    Mizore and Nozomi from Liz and the Blue Bird. Not every relationship has to be romantic to be beautiful and moving.

    Those are the ones that immediately come to mind for me.

  4. No Sakuta and Mai? I’m kind of surprised to see them completely absent from this list. . .

    1. I Love them, but I don’t get that dippy happy coupley feel with them. Check back with fav characters for the year in a few weeks. I guarantee they are making an appearance.

    1. I assume they are going to get back together eventually but other than episode one Kirito has been in the game world and Asuna is not. We did get an Asuna focused episode where she had to track down where Kirito had been taken, but no interaction between the two since episode 1.
      As much as I love them as a couple I just couldn’t put them higher on the list in 2018 because that would definitely be cheating.

  5. I love watching Ash and Eiji together. Even with all the chaos around them I love their moments together. It is so peaceful and effortless. It is really what I hope my relationship would be like when I’m a little old granny.

    1. Those Ash and Eiji moments make everything else in the show worth it. I’m going to be honest, the plot of banana fish is too implausible and basically just keeps repeating the same sequence with escalation. If that was all there was to the story I’d have stopped watching. But these characters make it worth sticking around for and keep me completely invested.

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