Tuesday’s Top 5: 90’s Horror Movies for Halloween Binge Watching

Tuesday's Top 5

Now we come to the final Halloween top 5 post and while I’d love to do another anime binge list, there just aren’t enough new horror anime to really justify it this year. So instead I decided to turn my attention to the movies that made me the ridiculous horror fan I am today. Given I was only 16 when the 90’s ended, I probably shouldn’t have watched most of these movies during the 90’s but I definitely did. I loved them. And this list is just the tip of the ice-berg.

For this binge list I decided to go for teen horror flicks that deliver every cliche in the book and are perfect for a drinking/chocolate game while watching. For instance, every time they knowingly discuss a horror trope, eat an M&M. Whether you were a child of the 90’s or not, I’d love to know what your favourite 90’s horror movies are and what you plan to watch for Halloween so please be sure to leave me a comment below.

Please note, there will be spoilers below.

Honourable mentions: The Blair Witch Project – I couldn’t not mention this movie given it kind of started a whole trend in horror films with shaky-cam, but at the same time it just isn’t as fun as some of the others on this list to watch. Still, worth the mention.

Number 5: The Craft

The Craft.jpg

Starting with a classic teen horror where four teens turn their hand to witch craft with some interesting results. When Sarah decides they’ve gone to far the other three turn against her leading to one magical and messed up confrontation. Don’t watch if you are afraid of snakes, just saying. Do however watch if you love 90’s movie soundtracks because The Craft has an absolutely awesome one.

Number 4: Scream

Scream - Movie

A second Neve Campbell film on the list, she did get around. This one however had to be on the list. From the epic Drew Barrymore death scene that opens it, to the endless number of horror tropes they manage to stuff in all the while reciting self-aware dialogue that just makes horror fans laugh, Scream does it all. And just remember, if the killer is in your house you should run out the door and not up the stairs. Also remember, the sequels definitely had diminishing returns. Stick to the first, it is definitely the best.

Number 3: Urban Legend

Urban Legend

Is there anything better than a movie featuring a group of college students getting killed using classic urban legends? Probably plenty given this movie is cheesy over the top melodrama with some fairly fine examples of by the numbers acting, and yet taken another way it is hilarious to watch and most of the characters end up coming to sticky endings. Warning on this one about the puppy in the microwave (flinch).

Number 2: The Faculty

The Faculty

Okay, sick of killer teens and college students? Always believed your teachers were evil? Well, The Faculty delivers a modern take on The Body Snatchers with aliens invading the sleepy little town and taking over the staff of the school before moving onto the students. Parasites crawl inside and take over the host leaving them incredibly strong and with a powerful thirst. Let’s assemble the crack team of students including the new girl, the geek, the popular girl, the football guy, the social outcast, and the delinquent and see if they can save the world.

Number 1: Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

Right, so Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci may have a lot to do with this taking the number one spot. Okay, everything to do with it. I love these two in movies and the two of them together was always going to be brilliant. Add in a fairly macabre tale of the headless horseman, ‘modern’ detective skills, and revenge and you have yourself a fairly great movie to watch. Christopher Walken also delivers an excellent performance given his brief time on screen.

So what are you waiting for? Which 90’s horror film would you add onto the list? Or what do you plan to watch this Halloween?

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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14 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: 90’s Horror Movies for Halloween Binge Watching

  1. I loved Sleepy Hollow, although it’s kind of funny because I never really thought of it as a horror film. It’s definitely a tribute to horror films (especially the Hammer movies), but I guess it’s because it just never scared me – like you said, it was too over the top to take seriously. Same thing with Army of Darkness and Death Becomes Her, which also get tagged as “horror” sometimes even though I just find them hilarious.

    Anyway, for my favorite 90s horror films that actually did give me a few chills, I’d go with Jacob’s Ladder, Candyman, and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (which I frankly like better than Scream, even if I know I’m in the minority on that opinion).

    1. It kind of already showed up this month on my B Grade movie list. While it definitely deserves a place, I was trying to cover as many of my favourite horror movies as I could.

  2. It’s probably not a very huge surprise that I have seen all of these films. I’m a huge horror fan like you, and these films are all just awesome. Cheesy, but awesome. Scream is especially one of my favorites. But the Faculty was a really unexpected delight. I saw that one in the theatre back in the day, and I had little to no expectations for it. But it was a really good film, and a fun one at that.
    One I would add to this list would be I know what you did last Summer. One that also never gets old 😊 Great list 😊

    1. I did enjoy I Know What You Did Last Summer. For whatever reason I don’t have that on DVD though so I probably haven’t seen it since I was at university. Still, that would be another solid title to add to this list.

    1. If they just gave it a different name and didn’t try to pretend it was a Godzilla movie, it actually isn’t dreadful. Certainly lame, but totally watchable. It is just that they are trying to pass it off as a Godzilla movie when it really isn’t.

  3. Am I the only one who laughed so hard tears were streaming at Christopher Walken’s performance in Sleepy Hollow?? That whole movie made me laugh… But, those facial expressions on him at the end! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ PRICELESS!!!

    1. Sleepy Hollow is so ridiculously over the top that the whole thing just makes me laugh. There’s something just really fun about it even though everyone in the story seems to be taking themselves so seriously.

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