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There’s a couple of things Tsurune has gotten very right that makes this anime a fairly solid show and one I want to follow right from the beginning. Comparing to the other sports anime I’m watching at the moment, Run With The Wind, I feel I’ve clicked a bit more with this one. While Minato is also reluctant to continue in his chosen sport, unlike Run With The Wind, the other characters aren’t coercing and forcing him back. They are certainly nagging and encouraging (and a little overly intrusive), but ultimately the choice that he makes in this episode is his own decision that he has come to after his own reflection.

Tsurune  Episode 2 Seiya

The other thing that really grabs me in this story so far, other than just being gorgeous to watch, is that so far Minato, and all of the other characters, don’t appear to have some high minded goal like be the best in Japan or win some competition. The goal so far is to re-establish the archery club and now there’s a tournament they’ve decided to try entering, but ambition is so far being kept in check. Minato has been shown to be pursuing a sound and striving for the form that will given him that, and the other characters haven’t really established their motives just yet. I’m certain that at some point these guys will aim to win something, but so far it is more about pursuing the sport than pursuing victory and I really kind of appreciate that.

Tsurune Episode 2 Minato and Who
Did they really just name the owl W’ho’?

I did however have to do a double take in this episode, literally stopping and video and going back, and I’m certain that’s what they intended, when they suggested Takigawa was actually a ghost. It was a well executed moment because while you don’t really think this is an anime that is likely to actually have a ghost, it leaves you in just enough doubt that when Minato dives to stop him shooting the last arrow you are kind of glad, even if it does all turn out to be a silly misunderstanding.

Tsurune Episode 2

There’s a really relaxed feeling so far to this story but at the same time it feels like these characters have begun moving forward even as we’re only really just getting to meet them. Visually it has been pretty amazing with only a few group scenes where extras have looked a little bit off, and the music and environmental sounds have so far been really solid. I’m really enjoying this so far and I hope it continues as it has so far and I’d really like to start to get to know the rest of the cast a bit better now.

4 thoughts on “Tsurune Episode 2: Finding Your Target

  1. I pretty much like everything about this episode, except maybe the fact that right after being all dramatic and screaming in his pillow, Minato have a sudden change of heart and he is ready to go back to archery. I would have rather having one more episode (or just half episode) before he get resolve to go back.

    1. It was a quick turn around but that kind of happens when trying to pack a story into one season. I’ll be fine with it as long as the rest of the story is interesting. I’ll be less fine with it if we end up having fillery episodes later.

  2. I was glad the ghost part was a misunderstanding also. I don’t mind ghosts but that really threw me off on what kind of anime I was expecting and would have thrown it into a full cheesy mode with the ghostman advisor. And no one wants the hot guy to be dead…

    1. It definitely came out of nowhere. In a lot of shows I watch, finding out a character is actually a ghost is just kind of what you would expect, but here it seemed like it literally came out of nowhere and they were so deadpan about it. Glad they didn’t stretch that over a week as a cliff-hanger but just dealt with it in the episode.

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