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Two insurance agents, Meryl and Milly, are sent to attempt to minimize the damages caused by Vash the Stampede (who is apparently a Humanoid Typhoon). Every town Vash visits is pretty much destroyed and because of that a massive bounty has been placed on his head. Only, once they catch up with Vash they kind of realise that it is the bounty hunters and circumstances beyond Vash’s control causing the problems.

There is definitely more to the story and it is a great science fiction, but I’m not going to include any spoilers so I’ll move on to the review.


I had to wonder when I first started watching this series what all the fuss had been about. It was a not so well drawn, cliché comedy with a main character whose hair just kind of made me want to pour a bucket of water on his head.


Really, really, glad I didn’t stick with my first impulse on this anime.

Yep, it starts out as a screwy comedy with a character who hops around in the desert, dodging bullets like Daffy Duck, and B Grade villains who really need to learn the meaning of restraint but don’t seem to offer any genuine tension.


But somehow, after you get to the end of the series, you realise this show couldn’t have started any other way. Vash the Stampede is one of those shows where you don’t even know where the tone changed, but by the end of the series you are left feeling you’ve just watched a dramatic masterpiece. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but for something that starts the way it does, the character development and the way the plot is revealed just work so well. There isn’t a moment where you think, okay now it will get serious. It’s just that the blend of comedy and drama in each episode shifts more and more to the drama end of the spectrum while still holding onto some of the comedic elements and you don’t even realise its happening.


Part of that transition comes because a lot of the story is filtered through Meryl’s perception of Vash and it takes her awhile to a) recognise who actually is Vash and b) begin to understand that there is more to Vash than the goofy persona he deliberately chooses to portray. Meryl’s growth as a character and her increasing empathy for Vash work well as a frame for so much of the story. Because, like Meryl, the audience is coming in to this half-way through.

Vash has a very complicated back story and while I’m still not entirely convinced by the seemingly subjective amnesia or the overall villains plot or even some of the twists that lead us to the conclusion, it didn’t matter while watching. I was engrossed by these characters as they slowly revealed themselves.

I do want to talk about Wolfwood though.


He’s an interesting character. Like Vash, he plays the fool far too well, though his facade has a lot more chinks in it than Vash’s. More importantly, Wolfwood get’s the distinct role of playing a character while knowing he isn’t convincing anyone but pretends he doesn’t know that he isn’t convincing them. It’s interesting to watch given the animation isn’t amazing and yet Wolfwood’s nuanced expressions and the subtle (and sometimes less than subtle) shifts are well used to show us that he is well aware his antics aren’t convincing and yet he’s enjoying the chance to just play for awhile.

Far and away Wolfwood is my favourite character of the series because of his similarities to Vash, and yet the distinct path he chooses. And they use the contrast well. While they both play the fool, at the end of the day, Vash is an idealist whereas Wolfwood is firmly grounded in reality. Which is probably why the outcomes for these characters vary so deeply.

So should you watch Trigun?



It’s funny and heartbreaking and has fast paced action followed by some excellent characterisation. It builds a rich world where humans fight for survival and shows the history behind the current circumstances. Characters respond in not necessarily realistic ways, but in consistent ways to the conflicts surrounding them and there are some very cool characters who will appear throughout the series. While the villains are of the over-the-top and bad for the sake of it nature, the hero is also good for the sake of it so it kind of balances out and ultimately the story isn’t about who is good and who is bad but about choosing your own path.

That, and there’s a lot of gun fights and some fairly great weapons to admire.I love Vash’s sunglasses and coat but really would love to fix his hairstyle.

Have you watched Trigun? What were your thoughts?


16 thoughts on “Trigun Series Review

  1. I saw snippets of this anime a few times, and heard it was mentioned it often as a great series but it never really interested me. Reading your review has piqued my interest though. I’ll definitely check it out now 😀

    1. I had heard about it many times before I watched it. The first few episodes don’t really do the series justice though.

  2. I tried watching Trigun years ago and got really bored with it five episodes in. May pick it up again if it gets better later though.

    1. Might be worth another go. However, there’s a lot of anime out there and of it doesn’t work for you there’s always something else.

  3. Trigun is an awesome anime, and I consider it to be one of the classics, right along with Outlaw Star. It has a unique premise, character growth, and a great soundtrack too.

    Knives and Nicholas D. Wolfwood are my favorite characters in the series. Nice review.

  4. Excellent review. The only thing that is holding back Trigun is it’s art and animation because it’s flawless everywhere else.

    The tone shift of the series started for me when Wolfwood called out Vash’s fake happiness. Just a great show.

    1. Yeah, the art and animation aren’t awesome but they weren’t bad enough to distract me from the story or the characters. At least the style is consistent throughout.

  5. Reading your review it was almost as if i was reading my own thoughts at the time i saw the series. I first thought the series was great fun, but nothing really special….and than things changed :). A true classic and a wonderfull anime. Great review 🙂

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