Trickster Episode 9


So, Trickster, is that really the hand you want to play?

Okay, 90% of this episode is boring, predictable, or boringly predictable. We get the conclusion to the whole brother in the compound and it is incredibly anticlimactic and you could almost write every line of dialogue if you just run a sieve through the cheesiest b-grade action movies of the 90’s and then only use the most passive lines that come out. Then we have Hanasaki’s little melt-down which you see coming pretty much from the start of the episode and then we get to the conclusion of the episode which I guess is the twist only what else were we expecting by that point?


Twenty-faces shows up when Hanasaki’s at his lowest. Really? Well, what else was Twenty-faces doing in this situation at all? He got nothing out of the siege itself so the only possible conclusion is he was trying to mess with Akechi and given Akechi didn’t care one way or the other the only payoff one could get from this scenario is Hanasaki falling apart and getting to Akechi somehow that way (way to take the long path to a goal).

Why Twenty-faces would want to deal with the jump-suit wearing adrenalin junkie is probably the only mystery left in this scenario but I guess we’ll find out next episode.

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3 thoughts on “Trickster Episode 9

    1. If he’s expecting anything he’s probably out of luck because, let’s face it, other than exuberantly running around Hanasaki hasn’t exactly done anything this entire series.

  1. Thank you for the review! As I said on Twitter, I ended up dropping this series half way through episode 8. I just couldn’t imagine watching another 16 episodes. I was kind of excited to see where Hanasaki’s character development would go, but looks like it wasn’t much, what a shame :'(

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