Trickster Episode 7


So we finally know a bit about Akechi’s back story and his relationship with Twenty Faces in Trickster. The issue being that it isn’t interesting. Okay, Akechi had a terrible childhood and ran away after his mentor died while carrying excessive guilt about being the one who killed both his mentor and his father (though from what we saw he didn’t actually kill either just failed to save them). Twenty Faces is saved by Akechi but then develops some creepy obsession with him and then we get this:


Right. Why? There something really questionable about the motive and it just seems like Twenty Faces is weirdly fixated on Akechi because they are. Maybe we’ll get more elaboration on this later but for now it’s all just kind of a serviceable back story and not a lot more.

The boys in the detective club do get a few appearances and they are set up next week nicely but really the focus this week was on Akechi and giving him some sort of background which up until now had been completely lacking. Once again, the episode works but the delivery is all just kind of ordinary.

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