Trickster Episode 5


And we’re still playing hide and seek in the waterways for this episode of Trickster. Akechi forces more information out of the guy in hospital while Hanasaki finally gets released from school. Meanwhile Inoue tells Kobayashi to save himself and to leave him (which being Kobayashi he agrees to leaving Inoue in a heartbeat, too bad he sends the other back to save him). While there is plenty of running around and action in this episode it is all very by the numbers and the characterisation rarely manages to make you interested. I keep forgetting the name of the computer girl but she managed to get their communicators working again, too bad that it didn’t seem like that was any kind of a help or serve any purpose. She also used the little flying things we saw last week to make a new map, but again, they’d already more or less figured things out before that soe not exactly a saving the day moment. Getting a bit more of Inoue’s back story was probably the real takeaway from this episode and given he’s my least favourite character that didn’t exactly sell me on this.

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