Trickster Episode 4


Trickster, I have news for you. Playing dramatic music at the end of an unresolved episode does not make the generic events of your episode anymore compelling or intriguing. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. They finally have something resembling an actual mystery though the whole set-up seems pretty pointless and I’m kind of convinced Akechi’s going to solve it just because he’s Akechi while the other characters are just going to continue to run around and go through the motions. And why are any of the characters surprised when Kobayashi refused to help just because it is the right thing to do? Particularly Inoue. If he’s supposed to be smart he really should have figured out that Kobayashi has built up a very fatalistic facade (or he might be genuinely fatalistic but that doesn’t seem overly likely given how sad he seems most of the time). Anyway, Trickster remains watchable but there isn’t a whole lot else going for it right now.

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