Trickster Episode 1


We have a detective agency and some boy who can’t die.


I’m going to be honest that this is probably the most interesting first episode so far (though there are still a number of shows to come out). That said, I’m not holding out a lot of hope that this one is going to maintain that level of energy or hold my interest for the whole season (please surprise me, I’d really enjoy that). From the opening monologue (which is your typical woe is me from a kid who is unable to die) the show at least managed to distinguish itself from all the other first episodes I’d watched this week and following that by dropping a robot from a blimp into the town and seeing the fate of the missing dog and I was kind of sold on continuing this series for a bit. The music in this is fairly generic but at least gave it a sense of pace and again, it’s one of the few shows this season where I’ve actually paid attention to the music. In honesty though, this first episode reminds me a lot of the first season on Bungou Stray Dogs (though it doesn’t seem to be trying quite so hard for the laugh out loud humour) and while I’m not going to judge it because of that, I am going into this expecting that it won’t be able to maintain the tone or pace.


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17 thoughts on “Trickster Episode 1

  1. Interesting review doesn’t seem like this is going to be a strong fall season. There’s some shows that caught my eye and I heard about this one but from what your saying it may end up like bungou stray dogs. It’s one of the few series I didn’t finish from spring and I keep hearing mixed opinions on it. I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt bungou handling of tone, pace, and story felt out of sync. Plus I didn’t find the humor funny hence why I didn’t put it as a priority to finish. At least from what you said trickster isn’t trying for humour but if it will have the same issues I don’t think I will give it a shot. Overall this fall season doesn’t look as promising like past fall seasons and there have already been some misses. Like occultic nine I heard what a train wreck that was and that was supposed to be from the creators of stein gate at least light novel wise. They rushed and did one novel in one episode and I heard the third light novel for the series got cancelled. It will be interesting to see your thoughts on it if you are planning to watch it or already have.

    1. I watched the first episode of Occult;Nine and I didn’t even do a review because it is not even in the running to be followed this season. They took the advice that if you are skating on thin ice you should move fast a little too seriously. All mess at a fast pace and nothing that was compelling enough for me to go back for a second look.

      1. Ya I heard about the fast pace and mess the story was. When some people were saying they had to watch it twice or three times just to understand everything and then to realize quite a bit of stuff was useless and mixed in with the important stuff especially in the dialogue scenes and then it wasn’t really that great or interesting the important stuff. Well wow I’m just glad I didn’t watch it because I would have been pissed off at wasting twenty four minutes of my time. The last time that happened was when I watched world trigger. That anime was so poorly done in every aspect and I was pissed. Then again toei did it and they have been on decline as a studio. Though if I’m correct A-1 pictures did occultic nine which is even more of a shock because I’ve never heard of them messing up an adaptation this bad befor.

  2. Totally agree with your opinion! The show started in a kind of meh way for me and ended up to be quite interesting. Hopefully, the pace can be maintained, I’m also in the same boat as you!

  3. I’ve only started one series for Fall thus far, Izetta. I’m honestly deciding the rest of my viewing based on your reviews Karandi haha! I thought, I’ll let her watch the first episodes and she will let me know if it is worth my time. Also, did you hear that our “favorite” show, Orange, has a movie set to air Nov 18th, 2016… a sequel to the show?

    1. I did hear about Orange getting a movie to which I said ‘pass’.
      I’m going to be honest, I’m really struggling to pick shows that I think I’ll make it through a whole series of this season. I’ve even started trolling through the short anime at this point. Hopefully some of the ‘ok’ shows find their feet in an episode or two.

  4. I actually quite like the sound of this on just from your overview. We do seem to have a glut of detective shows of late, though.

    I’ll definitely give this one ago, as I’m as intrigued as you are. It’s frustrating when shows start off strong only to devolve into the usual shtick. Bungou Stray Dogs is a great shout because I so desperately wanted to adore that show, but it made it so difficult.

          1. Probably. I didn’t mind it. It’s hard to recommend because of its inconsistencies but it is amusing enough and there are enough things going on to keep you interested.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I like it well enough (and the second series is off to a very strong start) it just squanders its potential most of the time. The frenetic tonal shifts can also get jarring.

        I hope you enjoy the good parts of the show, though ^^

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