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In case you hadn’t heard yet, D Gray Man is finally continuing.Way back when (or at least it feels like it now) we had 103 episodes of an anime that was dark, amusing, fast moving and with some of the most interesting weapons and characters I had ever encountered up to that point. Not hiding it, I’m a  huge fan of the series and was truly devastated when I was told there was to be no more.

But now we are getting another chance to revisit this series and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that it lives up to its reputation. I originally found out about this series coming back through Anime News Network but have since been thoroughly enjoying all of the small snippets of information that have come out.

You should definitely check out the promotional videos for this as they look amazing.

Now, before this comes out I am going to have to go back and rewatch D Gray Man as its been at least two years since I last went through it. At 103 episodes, there’s a lot to watch, and it doesn’t end yet which makes it frustrating.

Before I get into that though, I’m going to share some of the fan made AMV’s that are out there. Some of them are really quite old now, whereas others have been made more recently, but there are some really good AMV’s that have been made.

1. Storytime

akuma.PNGIf you want something that is matched so well to the song it is completely unsettling, this is the YouTube video for you. Uploaded by Allen Walker, it is a great watch. The song and visuals are so perfectly matched it has almost as much emotional impact as the anime series did.

2. Not Going to Die Tonight


Found this one on theInuawesome’s uploads. The song is great for the show and some of the clips are really well chosen. At times the timing doesn’t quite match up but this was a great watch.


3. Numb


This one is available from Timcanpy14’s uploads. Again the song is an excellent match and it really reminds you of how you feel for Allen throughout the series. Some great matches between lyrics and visuals make for some very powerful viewing.

4. Warriors


The focus is definitely on the fights of D Gray Man but this AMV does a wonderful job show-casing the 4 main fighters from the series. Plus it shows Lenalee back when she was still pigtailed and reasonably happy. This video was uploaded by Hinata Noises.

5. Dance with Devil

Allan Despair.PNG

Kind of a no-brainer using this song for D Gray Man, but this nicely focussed video using two specific battles and does an absoutley superb job of bringing the series toegether with the lyrics. Uploaded by Wlock900.

Some other mentions that are worth checking out. This is Halloween, Raod’s Song, and Unbreakable.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Please let me know of any other amazing AMV’s featuring D Gray Man, or antyhing else. Also, I’m now on a quest to find fan art of the series. Let me know of any great sites or artists worth checking out.

One thought on “Tribute to D Gray Man – AMV’s Abound

  1. D.gray-man is one of my list to watch. I have high expectation about this anime. In the past, I thing this anime is well done, character design and theme songs are really great. (Especially, theme songs are exciting and unique.)

    But one thing is this anime back then can’t show how dark plot it should be (or I’m the one who forgot the whole story already). So when I saw you have D.gray-man category, I think I should leave some thought about this anime before it will come.

    Anyway if D.gray-man is released again, I will watch it definitely since I still have high scores for this anime in the past.

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