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So I haven’t posted on my blog in two days. That’s the first time in nearly three years I haven’t had a post go out. Honestly though, I think this is a good opportunity for me to take a little bit of a break and when I return home get back into my schedule.

Cherry Blossoms
And there’s still blossoms. I was worried I had missed them all but there are still plenty of flower to go and see if only the weather would cooperate.

The flight went smoothly enough from Brisbane to Japan with a very brief stop in Korea. The biggest issue being the delay at BNE meant that my one hour to get through security and to my connection turned into 25 minutes and of course the connecting flight was at the far end. I made it barely a minute before boarding began and was very happy to sink back into my economy class chair and fall asleep for the final leg of the flight.

Venus Fort and Ferris Wheel Odaiba

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know I spent most of yesterday just kind of wandering around Odaiba. It was very fun in an aimless kind of way and kept me mostly out of the rain. In the evening we stopped by Tokyo Station to sort out some tickets because in a couple of days I’m taking an overnight trip down to Kyoto.


Probably my highlight from yesterday was finding a gatcha machine that had key chains from Run With The Wind in it. Of course I fed it my coins and it gave me Musa. I was tempted to try again but then the UFO catcher with Sakura from Cardcaptor caught my eye. It certainly did a good job of cleaning out my change and did not yield its prize. Going to be honest, I just kind of suck. I did however have a few rounds of space invaders while in the arcade and that was just pure fun.

Space Invaders

Today, I’ve had an early breakfast before my friend has had to brave rush hour on the trains to get to work and we’re meeting up later to go look at some blossoms and do the silly tourist things that tourists do. I’m killing some time back at the apartment because nothing opens until 10 or 11 anyway so I’d rather save my feet and walking for when there are things open but I’m going to meander around the local shopping district and see what I can find before slowly making my way toward Ueno.

Crows in the shopping district
By the way, these crows clearly have it in for people in the shopping district. One of them threw an avocado shell at me while I was walking. Another dropped a bag on a woman who passed underneath them. Then they sit up there and caw at people.

All and all, I’m having a great time and looking forward to what the next couple of days bring.

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22 thoughts on “Travel Update – Japan

    1. I’ve only got the one day there and we’re kind of doing the standard tourist spots because I haven’t been to them before. Thanks though.

  1. I’m sorry that I am a bit late to this post. It’s been a bit of a rough week healthwise again 😔 But feeling better today, so I checked up on some posts, and I’m glad I came across this one. It all looks so cool, and I am very glad you are enjoying yourself! With all the hard work these past few months, you deserve a break.
    That said I am of course insanely jealous lol 😂 Seriously though! Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to more posts from you from Japan! 😊

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, but I keep worrying my inability to speak Japanese will make that difficult. It looks like you’re having a great time.

    1. The first time I came to Japan I had barely learned any Japanese. If you stick to cities and tourist spots there’s pretty prolific bilingual signs and you can get by with little difficulty. Same with restaurants as most have pictures on the menu and a point and ‘please’ usually gets you what you want. I do like being able to go a little off the tourist paths though and I can get a bit further with my Japanese these days.

      1. Awesome I’m glad to hear that. I’ve tried to learn the language but I’m still way too choppy at it to really have a conversation with it at this point. It looks like such an amazing place to visit. I’m glad to hear the tourist attractions have bilingual information.

  3. “So I haven’t posted on my blog in two days. That’s the first time in nearly three years I haven’t had a post go out.”

    Teach me your ways!

    But seriously, have fun in Japan! It’ll be an incredible trip for you, I’m sure.

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