Travel Update 2 – Japan

sunset ueno

I’m continuing my travels, though I will admit, the dreaded cold hit me pretty hard yesterday and given it was pouring rain all day I opted to not wander around Akihabara and instead took a bit of a rest and went to some local bookshops and cafes to just kind of relax. I do however intend to hop a train over to Akihabara just as soon as I finish drafting this update as it is not raining today and I’m feeling pretty good. If you missed my first update check it out here.

ueno trains

That said, I did spend the day before wandering about and spent the better part of the afternoon in Ueno. While waiting for my friend to finish work I went into the museum and absolutely fell in love with the building. There’s something about buildings that are used for museums. They are so old looking (even if they’ve been renovated) and the high ceilings, hard floors, really nice stair cases, little alcoves and large gallery rooms all just call out to me. There’s also the subdued lighting most museums opt for which I find quite relaxing and the fact that people are generally fairly quiet in museums. They are a lovely place to spend a few quiet hours even before you look at the exhibits.

I will say that you need to get there early enough to go into the gardens because they are gorgeous. They close the garden at 4 even though the museum is open until 5, and so I only had a little bit of time in the gardens before I had to leave but I’m really glad I got to go in. As for the museum, I loved going through the building that had the Chinese exhibits, particularly the calligraphy section but once I got over to the building housing the Japanese exhibits I was just blown away by some of the displays.

Given I didn’t have a lot of time I didn’t pay the extra to go into he current special exhibit which is a shame because it looked kind of cool, but there was more than enough for me to look at just in the main section and I didn’t get to everything before I had to go.

cherry blossom ueno

Still, can’t complain about leaving the museum when I got to walk down the avenue looking at the cherry blossoms. Admittedly, they are on their last legs and you could kind of tell, but given I didn’t think they’d still be out at all when I arrived I’m thrilled that there were flowers to look at.

ueno crab

The food stalls were also really fun and I could have eaten literally everything. Unfortunately, we were in a little bit of a rush because we wanted to do that cliche tourist thing and take a paddle boat out onto the lake to look at the blossoms. And of course we wanted it to be swan shaped because why not.

I’m just going to point out the steering mechanisms in those boats are absolute rubbish so collisions are almost inevitable. That said, you can get right up next to the blossoms and really, given we were the last possible time slot for the day, the sun was setting and it was just silly fun.

ueno blossoms on lake

Bit of shopping and walking around the area for a few hours before heading back to the apartment and it was just kind of a perfect day. Then I got sick, but I kind of expected that. I live in the middle of nowhere with very few people coming and going. I get sick every time I travel and I’ve kind of just accepted that. Still, today I am mostly recovered and ready to go so the plan is to hit Akihabara and then prepare for a trip down to Kyoto.

I probably won’t update again until after that but in the meanwhile I hope everyone is well and sorry I haven’t read all that many blog posts in the last few days.

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Karandi James

19 thoughts on “Travel Update 2 – Japan

  1. I love the pictures you shared — it’s like you’re giving us a real slice of life glimpse. Not posed, not staged — just Japan.

    The trains fascinate me. I’m from the US, and don’t believe in mass transit, apparently. Or when we do, we let it degrade until it’s a frustrating experience. Have you had a chance to ride the trains? Are they as on time as I’ve heard?

    Your mention of paddle boats reminded me of a Monster Musume episode. If you see any dragon newts, be careful — they’re cranky!

    Hold you get over your cold. Since you’re not Japanese, it shouldn’t be life-threatening, but don’t take any chances!

    1. Trains are my sta dare mode of tea sport here. I have my own pass and everything and while there are delays the trains come so regularly that it really doesn’t matter.
      Can’t even compare to home when the train might come once a week and is cancelled more often than not.

  2. Oh, I’d definitely choose eating thosw crabs over the swan thingy. lol

    I hope you get better soon! And may you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Well, cliche tourist thing or not, I would have definitely done the same 😊 I really think it all looks absolutely amazing. Then again looking at the foodstalls and those crabs I don’t think I would have been able to eat those ones 😊
    Sorry to hear you got sick though😢 Hopefully you will feel better soon ( I usually get sick after I visit a con ugh😔). Either way though, being in such a beautiful country hopefully helps you get better soon. Enjoy the rest of your trip! 😀

    1. Today has been much better and I found some treasures in Akihabara so despite still having a bit of a cough I am on too of the world.

      1. Good, I am happy to hear that you are feeling better! 😊 And finding treasures is even better of course! So glad you are enjoying yourself! 😊

          1. Lol…I’m sure the photos themselves will look delicious. But nope, probably still not too my taste 😅😅 (I do like vegitarian kinds of sushi, or the few ones that exist with some meat in them😊)

  4. OMG this is so amazing!! I truly love everything about Japan and its culture definitely jealous but not in a bad way, I’m super happy that you’re sharing your experience with us. Please keep posting some more!

    1. Thanks. Given my anime access is super limited right now, ironic I know, travel updates are about all I can do so I hope you all keep enjoying my silly adventures until I get back to anime reviews.

  5. Im literally jealous beyond belief , I find myself rather busy with quite a lot of responsibility on my shoulders but when I do go lt’l for at least a month.

    Take lots of photos 🙏🙏

    I bet Raistlin would enjoy a photo of one of those omelette Rice with a ketchup heart and his name written in ketchup.

    What do you think @raistlin

    1. I didn’t get a photo when I ate omuraisu. Of course didn’t get a live heart on it either. Still must remember to get a photo next time.

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