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I was a fair way into being an obsessed anime fan before I really started paying attention to which studio was responsible for an anime. However, Studio Bones was an exception to that rule.

Even early on in my anime watching days, I found time and time again when watching an anime that I thought it was amazing that it just happened to be from Studio Bones. So in recent years I have actively sought out anime from the studio and I’ve rarely been disappointed. Though since their obsession with the My Hero Academia franchise I’ve not found quite as many modern Bones titles that have really hit the mark.

My criteria for this list was fun. So there are some anime from Studio Bones that won’t be on the list that I am certain some of you will wonder what I was thinking. For instance you won’t find Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on the list below because fun isn’t the first word I would use to describe that series. It’s awesome, don’t get me wrong, but this list is about fun.

As always, feel free to add your nominations in the comments. Eventually I will just have to do a best show list but I’m definitely avoiding that at the moment. Way too hard to make a decision about which is the best anime overall. But fun? That I can rank.

Please Note – There are spoilers below. You have been warned.

Fun Anime From Studio Bones No 5: Boku no Hero Academia

It was definitely the fun feeling that exploded from the early episodes of My Hero Academia that won me over. I wasn’t looking for a new anime or a show about superheroes and I really only intended to watch a couple of episodes, do a write up and move on. However, there is some great energy in this show and while the characters are serious, the show itself doesn’t take itself too seriously.

That said, I’m still kind of on break from continuing on with the most recent series of My Hero Academia feeling a bit of hero fatigue to be honest and diminishing returns on the fun to be found. Still, the first season is pretty brilliant and a very good time to watch and I’d wholly recommend it.

That said, Studio Bones spends a lot of time on My Hero Academia these days and I’ve definitely felt the absence of some of their more interesting titles getting follow ups or even just new and interesting properties appearing during the season. That isn’t to say they aren’t making other anime but just that I don’t jump in delight at a new Bones title the way I used to.

Fun Anime From Studio Bones No. 4: Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime

While this is a different kind of fun to My Hero Academia, as Studio Bones delivers a refreshing return to the childhood days of classic Disney.

Those who have followed my blog for a long time will know I love Snow White With the Red Hair and particularly love the main pair, Shirayuki and Zen. Though the supporting cast are pretty awesome having given us Obi, among others.

This anime isn’t a self-aware, tongue in cheek, sassy modern female takes on the clichés of the past, but it is a strong and very real female lead tackling the trials of being in a classic fairytale setting with dignity and it is just fun to watch. Although, fun in this case relates more to watching the budding romance than to any of the action in the series.

Fun Anime From Studio Bones No. 3: Ouran High School Host Club

This is a list about fun, so here they are. Ouran High School Host Club. Ready to entertain. While you can certainly argue that this isn’t the best anime around, it is fun to watch which a likeable cast, some obvious but amusing gags, and a generally light tone as the club goes about it’s business.

There are some genuine moments of human drama (and then there are all the times they just blow situations out of proportion) but mostly it’s great for a few laughs and a marathon watch.

It also brings us some great characters including an interesting female lead and one of my favourite sets of anime twins ever.

Fun Anime Title from Studio Bones No 2: Soul Eater

The choice between number 1 and 2 for this list was really hard.

Soul Eater is a near perfect blend of goofy, over the top violence, comedic moments and then serious action set pieces and drama. At times it moves at break neck pace through a series of set ups and punch lines and at others it finds ways to include visual humour or some really sharp satire in a more dramatic moment.

It’s one of my all time favourite anime from Studio Bones and in general. It also includes Maka, one of my favourite female characters ever. Yet, it still lost out in the ranks of most fun for two simple reasons. It’s run time as the middle of the series kind of drags before it finds its momentum again to lead to the climax is the first reason. The second is the climax itself. Wow, does this series need a do-over to fix that final battle.

Soul Eater, great fun but please let this story get a full reboot at some point. It totally deserves it.


Fun Anime From Studio Bones No. 1: Noragami

It had to be Noragami.

I don’t think I have ever had this much fun while watching an anime through the first time. From the opening songs, to the crazy phantom designs, Yato’s everyday personality contrasted with his serious side, the other gods, the weapons, the sheer over the topness of everything, I just fell in love with the humour in this show.

Favourite moment is the episode where this guy jumps off a building and Yato shows up and they just have this normal conversation while falling to the ground. I get that it is entirely subjective, but this is an anime I happily recommend to people who don’t watch anime and they love it.

I love the energy, the characters, the pacing, and just how enjoyable it is to watch. The two seasons are each only 12 episodes and it doesn’t feel like they finished the story yet, so unlike Soul Eater it doesn’t have that crushing let down of an ending and it’s left us wanting more even while each season resolves at least one part of the character’s dilemmas.

Regardless, Noragami is definitely my number 1 anime for fun from Studio Bones or anyone else.

So, what would you have had on your list as the most fun title from studio bones?

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Karandi James

15 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Fun Anime Titles from Studio Bones

  1. Awesome list. I adore every show on this list, and I’d have to say overall, BONES is my favorite studio. All five of these shows are in my top anime definitely.

    1. BONES is definitely my favourite studio. I need to do another BONES top 5 but not look at fun titles. Not sure what take I’m going to go with yet, but there are a bunch of titles I want on the list that just couldn’t go on this one.

  2. I don’t judge by studio either. To me, characters and story weigh more than that. I do know of reviewers who check the studio and director and stuff like that. I don’t care really.
    But these are GOOD animes. I haven’t seen Boku no Hero Academia yet. (I don’t know why…) But Noragami is SOOO GOOD. And so is Ouran! (Ouran was one of my first animes.) They’re funny and have some amazing characters. And the art is FANTASTIC.
    Great list!

  3. Woa I had no idea they’d done all those shows! I’m showing I’m clueless and don’t really notice who does what xD;;
    There’s a lot of titles I haven’t watched from this list, and the ones I did, I loved them! Definitely good selection (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

  4. I’ve watched several Bones series before, but your list has convinced me that I should be seeking out more of their shows. We need the fun stuff sometimes!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Eventually I will have to bite the bullet and just do a best of list, but at the moment ‘fun’ series seemed like enough of a challenge.

  5. This must have been a difficult list to compile, haha. Nicely done. Soul Eater would be my top pick 😉

    1. Soul Eater is fantastic. I actually do like it more than Noragami but I was trying to judge on pure fun which is what finalised the decision.

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