Top 5 Obi Moments From Snow White With The Red Hair

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuesday’s Top 5 this week features my favourite Obi moments from Snow White With The Red Hair after a conversation I had with Derek following my Up Close post on Zen Wisteria. There is no denying Obi has some scene stealing moments so narrowing it down to just 5 was really hard. Here we go, celebrating this great supporting character. As always, this list is made up of my choices but I’d love to know what you would choose so leave me a comment below.

What is your favourite Obi moment?

This week I’m giving an honourable mention to the following Obi Moment:

The scene where Zen has come back to the castle and Shirayuki, embarrassed and not sure how to face him wants to run. Obi originally stands between them but then he turns and tells Shirayuki to run away. After she does, Obi gives Zen the blunt prompt he needs to chase after her. It’s moments like these that make you realise how well Obi is looking out for these two.

Snow White With The Red Hair - Obi

Number 5:

Now I know a lot of people would place this moment higher, and it is a good moment, but for me it doesn’t stand out as much as some of Obi’s, however number 5 is when Obi takes care of Shirayuki when she gets drunk. It is fantastic seeing him joking around with her, trying to keep his distance while still keeping her safe, and mostly just trying to get to the bottom of what was really upsetting Shirayuki.

It is a really precious moment between the pair and it also leads to a fairly solid moment between Obi and Zen, so I can see why this would be a lot of people’s favourite Obi moment.

Snow White With The Red Hair - Obi looks after Shirayuki

Number 4:

I love seeing Obi in action, even if I do believe he should actually have broken his bones on multiple occasions after jumping off of walls or out of trees. He’s still cool to watch. There’s a fight early on in season two between Obi and Zen because Obi has decided he wants to accompany Shirayuki when she returns to Raj’s Kingdom.

The fight is fantastic and shows off both Zen and Obi in action while also making it clear that while Obi has affection for Shirayuki and wants to keep her safe, he knows he’s keeping her safe for Zen. It’s an Obi moment where he really stands up.

Snow White With The Red Hair - Obi and Zen Fight

Number 3:

Alright, this one just made me laugh out loud. Obi is still fairly new in his whole role in the castle and he’s accompanied Shirayuki to the tower by the lake for the test with the bird. The noble guy, having thrown the whistle off the tower thinks he has won and then Shirayuki just jumps in right after it. Obi’s expression as he sees the girl he’s meant to be protecting plummet past the window is pretty priceless. It also shows that while Obi is great in combat he also provides great comic relief in this anime without being too over the top.

Snow White With The Red Hair - Obi watches Shirayuki Fall

Number 2:

Now we get to the tricky ones where I really struggled to split one and two. That’s probably because they both come fairly close together but they are both independently important Obi moments. At number 2 I have Obi struggling with his feelings. He likes Shirayuki. That is really obvious. And while he remains playfully affectionate around her and maintains a distance knowing she’s with Zen, there’s definitely an internal struggle.

Seeing that coming to a head and seeing Obi trying to sort his feelings about Zen, about Shirayuki, about his life since joining Zen is fantastic and it is lovely to see a supporting character getting such a great amount of development. That said, I can totally see why some people ship Shirayuki and Obi, but I’m very much for Zen and Shirayuki with Obi continuing to support the both of them; I really like that dynamic.

Snow White With The Red Hair - Obi

Number 1:

I had to give number one to a combat scene. As much as Obi plays a variety of other roles, he is at his best in a fight and there’s a fight in season two where we see Obi unleashed. After Shirayuki is kidnapped Obi drops the playful persona he’s adopted while in the castle and he goes after her.

Of course it isn’t as easy as fetch the girl and instead we see Obi get caught up in a fight. It is over quickly but it is an awesome fight and I absolutely love Obi’s expression during the entire sequence. We almost never see him that serious and it was fantastic.

Snow White With The Red Hair - Obi goes to fight

And that’s my list this week but as I said, I’d love to know what your favourite moments are with Obi so please leave a comment below and let’s celebrate such an amazing character.

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13 thoughts on “Top 5 Obi Moments From Snow White With The Red Hair

  1. Ahhh~ I love Obi so much! I love that he loves and respects both Shirayuki and Zen, so my no. 1 Obi scene in the anime would probably be your no. 2. I love his complicated feelings and the way he deals with it.

  2. Can’t find a legal stream I’m subbed to… So can’t double check.

    But I think I’d also go with him taking care of Shirayuki when she was drunk. Though I also like the way he drops into the fight in the cavern – between her and the threat, with a baleful glare in his eyes.

    1. There’s just so many great moments it was really hard to choose. But yeah, when he’s protecting Shirayuki I love the look he gets in his eyes.

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