Top 5: Non-Weapon Items Used as Weapons (not usually of mass-destruction)

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Alright, this list could literally go on forever because anime has used a lot of non-weapon items in fights. Cards, coins, crosses, hair pins… You name it and some anime character somewhere has attempted to weaponise it (probably successfully). I narrowed this list down to characters and items that were genuinely fun to watch in action and where the item was used in its standard form and didn’t have some magic transformation applied to it (sorry Orihime’s hairpins but that ruled you out).

Weapon effectiveness was not the primary consideration which explains a few of the choices below. That said, this was a fun list to make and I’d really love to see what you would have included on your list so please leave a comment below.

What are my favourite non-weapon items used as weapons in anime?

Please Note: There may be some spoilers below.

Honourable mention this week goes to Lin Shaolee in Black Cat for their creative use of a scarf as a weapon (though a lot of the weapons in Black Cat could have ended up on this list). The other honourable mention:


I’m just going to leave this here and get on with my list.

Number 5: D Gray Man – Soccer Ball

You have to admit, soccer is not the first thing you think about when someone mentions D Gray Man. In a show full of weird weapons as every Innocence is just a little bit unique, Daisya Barry’s stands out because it is just a ball and he is just a kid playing even when fighting for his life.

For a character that only really appeared in three episodes his impact is enormous because his personality is a breath of fresh air, the impact he has on others is incredible, and then he dies tragically (as do most side characters in D Gray Man so I guess we all saw it coming). Still, odd ball weapon choice and still incredibly awesome to watch.

Number 4: Hunter X Hunter – Fishing Rod

Again, Hunter X Hunter is full of plenty of weird items being used as weapons, but I think Gon’s fishing rod is a classic. I kind of thought it was cute when he was training to be a hunter and was using a fishing rod, and then the more we learned about being a hunter the weirder it seemed and some of the situations Gon ended up using that rod are fantastically non-sensical and yet it always ends up pretty effective.

But mostly this made the list because it so suits Gon’s personality. I did notice that he was using it less often as the story progressed and I still have a fair way to go through the series so I’m kind of hoping it doesn’t get totally forgotten later.

Number 3: Black Butler – Cutlery

Did anyone seriously think I was going to make this list of non-weapon items without adding Sebastian and his flair for using cutlery as weapons? The reason this isn’t number one is because I’m pretty positive the only reason these weapons are effective is because they are being thrown by a demon.

I somehow don’t think the average person is going to throw a fork hard enough to penetrate skull from a distance (I could be wrong but I hope not). Still, watching Sebastian in action with the silverware… Just another reason he is one hell of a butler.

Number 2: Soul Eater – Tombstone

For a show about people who can literally transform into weapons, Sid’s first fight might seem a little underwhelming given he is just hurling his own tombstone around. And yet, in any other show this would be awesome. Here’s a zombie literally fighting off his attackers by pummeling them with his own tombstone.

There’s a certain level of craziness to that idea that really appeals and it doesn’t hurt that this fight is the first time we see Maka and Black Star ‘working’ together. This is definitely a non-weapon item that no one really expected to see weaponised but it sure makes for a fun fight sequence.

Number 1: Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions – Pigtails

Yep, it is the Dekimori Spin and other random attacks by Dekimore (aka Sanae). Okay, her attacks are almost never effective but they are always awesome to watch whether we see her own delusional version of the attack or whether we see the real world action, it is always fun. Pigtails are definitely the ultimate non-weapon item that has been turned into a weapon of at least mass annoyance even if not mass destruction.

Including the time she tangles herself in her own hair and falls over. I also liked the time she increased the weights on her hair for a more effective attack and then couldn’t even really move. Yes, weaponised pigtails. We definitely need to see more of this even though I’m pretty sure most villains will not be shaking in their boots.

What are your favourite examples of non-weapon items used as weapons?

There’s my list for the week and as I said before, I’d love to hear what you would add on your list. What’s your favourite non-weapon item that has been weaponised?

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23 thoughts on “Top 5: Non-Weapon Items Used as Weapons (not usually of mass-destruction)

  1. Actually, after reading ospreyshire’s post, I didn’t remember Kirika killing with an ID card, but one scene I clearly remember is her chasing after someone to safe her partner, grabbing a toy London bus from a stall, dismantling it, and killing someone with the little pole that connects the wheels. She’s rather creative when it comes to killing people.

    First thing that came to mind, was the half a pair of gian scissors from Kill la Kill (but I doubt it’d make my list, because it’s really fashioned to look more like a fancy sword than a pair of scissors.)

    And then I remembered the show Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, where the main character wields a cursed pair of thinning scissors. The first fight was against a sledge hammer. The second fight, was a against syringe. The most memorable fight was against a book of law that summons a noose to hang people. Other cursed tools included a horse whip, and piano [though that one’s not really used as a weapon; you have to use trickery to use that one] (and boringly a set of throwing knives). I sometimes wonder what else appeared in the manga.

    Pigtails aren’t such a stretch, considering Hong Kong movies sometimes have guys fighting with a really long braid with blade at its end (I think I’ve seen this multiple times, but it may have been just once).

    I wonder if the vending machines that Shizuo throws around in Durarara count? They’re really not re-used weapons. They just stand around, get thrown, and then lie around where they fall. They’re really just abused vending machines. It’s really just an extreme version of flipping tables in a saloon fight…

    Anime is so full of weaponised everyday objects that I forget how weird it really is. Some of it is James Bond Q stuff, like the umbrella that extends into a crossbow (from the recent Joran show). Some of it is magical/cursed. And occasionally it’s just unusual items.

    1. I think the vending machines definitely count though I suspect those of us in the real world would find weaponising a vending machine a little more challenging than the anime makes it seem.

  2. Now this was one of the most unique posts I have ever read.
    Though nothing really comes to my mind when I think about this, I would try to think a bit more in my hope to get at least some examples.

    PS: Dekimori pigtail spin is badass 😂😂

    1. It’ll probably come to you when you are watching a show because sometimes you don’t even realise how ridiculous some of the items they use as weapons are until you start thinking about it.

    1. My older sister is a grand master of this art. And I know from experience that it really stings to be hit with a pigtail, especially when they are braided!

  3. That’s a fun list xD
    Let’s see. Off the top of my head I have…

    ~ CLANNAD’s Fujibayashi Kyou and books/dictionaries
    ~ Monogatari’s Senjougahara Hitagi and her stationery
    ~ DRRR!!’s Heiwajima Shizuo and his stop sign

  4. Hmmmm….I had to think about this one a bit, but after going through my mental list, nothing really springs to mind. Unless I count the use of your own blood in my recent watch of Deadman Wonderland, but blood isn’t really an item.
    This was a really fun post to read though 😀

  5. That was a unique Top 5. Here are a couple that come to mind.

    Shinesman: business card cutters, cuff beams, and tie clip as weapons.

    Noir: Kirika killing one guy with an ID card early in the series.

      1. Quite so. That was definitely a highlight in Noir even though it happens once. Normally, that character and her assassin partner Mirielle use guns, but this was a huge surprise since it was a scene where Kirika was unarmed and captured before getting away.

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