Top 5 Creepy Monstrous Creatures In Anime

Top 5 Monsters

Creepy monstrous creatures is a great description largely because I could put almost anything here as long as I find it creepy or monstrous. I mean, some people find Kyubey from Madoka Magica creepy and monstrous. That said, I’m going for kind of scary, gross designs and there are a lot of them to be found in anime.

What’s your favourite creepy monstrous creature?

Number 5 – The Skull Reaper from Sword Art Online

Skull Reaper

This one might be only a program but it is definitely creepy and all those legs are definitely off-putting. This monster is responsible for the deaths of a lot of front line fighters and honestly even the main characters were lucky to get through this fight alive. When this thing appeared above the characters, clinging to the roof, that was one terror inspiring moment that would given any horror movie a run for its money.

Number 4 – Hollows from Bleach


While later on the standard hollows become almost a non-entity in Bleach as the villains and monsters get more and more ridiculously over-powered to match the protagonist’s growth, the very concept of hollows is pretty terrifying. If you think about it from the point of view of someone with just a little bit of spiritual energy, a creature you can’t really see might very easily be stalking you and can kill you before you even know it.

Worse, if your spirit is eaten by a hollow you could become one yourself and then prey on your loved ones. While some of the hollow designs are more amusing than terrifying, they are still pretty creepy both in concept and appearance.

Number 3 – Akuma from D Gray Man


Definitely another case were the concept is pretty horrifying. D Gray Man definitely does creepy well and the primary monster the exorcists are fighting are the akuma created by the Millenium Earl. It gets worse when you realise these things are powered by the soul of a loved who was summoned in desperation and then they were forced to kill the one who summoned them. Yeah, there’s nothing right about the akuma.

Number 2 – Various Diseases from Cells at Work


You know the problem with anthropomorphic representations of cells in the body is that when creating germs, bacteria and even cancer cells, what you end up with is something straight out of your nightmares. While Cells at Work isn’t aiming in any way to scare, the depictions of the various ailments are sometimes incredibly creepy. Worse when you start thinking about what might be swimming around inside your own body.

Number 1 – Anything from Made in Abyss


The abyss is not a nice place and the creatures that call it home are incredibly monstrous by design. While there’s any number of horrifically creepy crawly I could describe I’d rather not spoil the impact of checking these monsters out first hand. However, for an anime that isn’t necessarily a horror, Made in Abyss most certainly new how to craft monsters.

Your turn now: what are your favourite creepy monsters from anime? I definitely considered the titans from Attack on Titan and the parasites from Parasyte though ultimately they didn’t make the final cut for me. How about you?

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Creepy Monstrous Creatures In Anime

  1. Any of the Awakened Beings in Claymore. I love how Geigeresque they are in appearance. Also the Elder Bairns in Blood-C are incredibly freaky.

    1. Claymore was on my short list but its been a long time since I’ve watched it so was a bit scarce on details. Still, have to agree.

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