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Fairies are fun to see in stories because there’s so many variations and forms on the idea of what a fairy is. From The Seven Deadly Sins to Amagi Brilliant Part, fairies show up over and over again. This list are my favourite appearances of fairies in anime (not necessarily best anime).

As always, I’d love to know your take on the list so please leave me a comment with your favourite anime that includes fairies.

What are my favourite anime with fairies?

Number 5: Midnight Occult Civil Servants

Midnight Occult Civil Servants anime with fairies

While starting his new job, Arata finds himself dealing with creatures called Anothers and as the only one who can understand them he ends up having to negotiate with these beings on numerous occasions. One of my favourite groups that turned up from time to time throughout the stories were the little fairies that lived in the park. Whether they were mad because the humans messed up their offerings or allowing themselves to be bribed for directions with cookies, these little creatures were always cute when they showed up.

Number 4: The Ancient Magus’ Bride


I genuinely couldn’t have made this list and left The Ancient Magus’ Bride off of it. This one gets points for being very detailed in its folklore and taking a more traditional approach to fairies and their rules. While they may not be as cute as some of the other entries, the attention to folklore here gives this one a well-deserved place and while the anime ended up dragging on a little bit, the magic and magical creatures were definitely a highlight and worth watching for.

Number 3: Sword Art Online Fairy Dance Arc

sao fairy dance

This may well be one of the most hated of all the SAO arcs and yet while the end of this arc brings us a psycho villain whose motive and actions are entirely flawed, the game that this arc is set in looks beautiful. The different fairy races that the characters can choose from, the flight mechanics, and the magic are just brilliant and I’d honestly love to play this game (provided it wasn’t being run by a made person using it to test mind control on people).

Number 2: WorldEnd


Here’s a different kind of fairy. These ones I’m never really sure if they are actually fairies, leprechauns, or something else entirely but it is a fun take on the story and the girls are all quite fun to get to know. Used to fight beasts with magic weapons and slowly losing control of their powers or losing their memories, the story here is tragic and yet quite compelling for the most part. If only the mid-season had managed to hold up its end this one would have a lot more discussion around it.

Number 1: Humanity Has Declined


How on Earth could I not have put these adorable and incredibly creepy fairies as the number one on the list. The story takes place as humans are declining and fairies have returned. The main character has the job of liaising with the fairies as they pursue new entertainments. They latch on to any idea and go crazy with it but just as quickly move onto the next thing (kind of like watching the progress of the internet in fast forward really). Whichever way, these little guys are a must see.

And that’s my list this week but be sure to let me know what your favourite anime with fairies are.

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Karandi James

17 thoughts on “Top 5 Anime With Fairies

    1. Humanity has Declined is definitely an underrated gem and absolutely needs more love. I get the humour won’t land for everyone but I loved it.

      1. Yep, I also liked it a lot. Sad that the original light novels haven’t been translated – its quirkiness could reach quite wide an audience.

  1. I don’t believe in fairies… whoops! Did I just accidentally kill one? I hope the one I killed is from that s*** anime Kantai Collection, and it’s good thing you did not include them on your list. I don’t believe in fairies… whoops! I accidentally killed another one?

  2. Your top 5 lists are always so much fun. I was happy to see Midnight Occult, Ancient Magus Bride, and Humanity Has Declined. The latter is one of my favorite comedies and anime social commentaries ever.

  3. Humanity Has Declined’s fairies remind me of that South Park Christmas episode with the woodland creatures. Creepy little cuties.

  4. Well of course it’s no suprise that my choice would go to Sword Art Online (and I’m probably also one of the few people that actually enjoyed that arc 😊).
    Other than that, I’m breaking my mind trying to think up animes with fairies, but I honestly don’t have any that spring to mind. In fact it might be that the Sword Art Online Arc is the only anime I have seen that contains fairies (yeah…I know right, that’s horrible….😅😅😅).

    1. Real fairies do seem few and far between in anime. Even when I was initially brainstorming I only came up with ten or so titles.

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