Top 5 Anime Confessions

Top 5 Anime Confessions

As much as I love a good horror anime, I will admit romance is a great binge worthy genre and is definitely appropriate when you are just in the mood to relax and be carried on a wave of emotions. However, with romance anime come anime confession scenes and a lot of these really stand out. Today I’m counting down my top 5 favourite anime confession scenes and I’d love to know what some of your favourites are.

By the way, there are definitely spoilers below particularly for numbers 4, 2 and 1. You’ve been warned.

Honourable Mentions:

Just the one honourable mention because I’m certain I will get plenty of others in the comments. I’m throwing Kokoro Connect in here mostly because of how grounded the characters were about the love triangle that actually resolved into an actual relationship with all of the characters properly acknowledging their feelings.

Kokoro Connect Confession

Number 5: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

This one is representative of all those anime that shout their confessions aloud for the world to hear. It is a standard trope and yet Bunny Girl Senpai, in its usual fine form, managed to make this scene the climax of its first and strongest arc with Sakuta running outside the classroom and shouting his love for Mai at the top of his lungs at the building. I’m still left wondering why he didn’t end up in more trouble for that stunt disrupting all those classes but it certainly got the point across even if Mai didn’t actually accept the confession until nearly a month later.

Sakuta shouts his love for Mai at the School - Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Number 4: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

What is more adorable than two dorks falling in love and fumbling their way through it? Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood gave us brilliant characters and action with a fairly epic scale plot but it was this scene at the train station right at the end, where Ed finally confesses to Winry (proposes actually), that really hit home for me and left me feeling like I’d just watched something incredibly special (okay, there were other moments in the show that did a similar thing but this has the advantage of being the point the show leaves us on). So happy this moment happened and so happy that Ed was true to Ed in how he did it.

Ed from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood confesses to Winry

Number 3: Dakaichi

This one if it happened in reality would probably be a little bit on the creepy side (okay, hold the little bit – it would just be creepy) but as a well delivered line in an anime this one near stopped my heart and I wasn’t even a big fan of Junta. However, when he stares right at Takato (and at the audience) and declares ‘I want you’ there is no doubt that this is a clear and straightforward declaration of love and one we don’t get very often in anime where so many characters blush and stumble their way through confessions. Seriously, this one can give you shivers.

Now if we just take away the lack of consent earlier and the possessive nature of this relationship we could have one of the most beautiful love confessions ever.

Dakaichi - Episode 1 - Junta

Number 2: Chuunibyo Demo Koi Ga Shitai

Again, what is more adorable than two dorks in love? You have to admit, this particular moment between Yuuta and Rikka, or rather the Dark Flame Master and the Keeper of the Tyrant’s Eye is spectacularly adorkable. hiding behind their personas, or in Rikka’s case for awhile her umbrella, this sequence under the bridge is one of those moments that just leaves you wanting to hug both the characters and never let them go. Sure, they’ve still got a long way to go, but seriously this moment was absolutely delightful.

Chuunibyou Confession between Rikka and Yuuta

Number 1: Angel Beats

This one is notable for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t happen at either the beginning or the end of the series but is more of a mid-season moment. Secondly, it isn’t the main character confessions that stopped my heart cold, it was actually the support characters, and one in particular who prior to this had mostly been comic relief, who really stepped up and delivered a scene that can literally melt your heart. As Otonashi is trying to help Yui cross over, after a lot of mucking about she admits she wanted to fall in love but no one would have loved her because she was home-bound when she was alive.

Normally you would suspect the main character would reassure her that someone would love her but Otonashi freezes and in that moment Hinata steps up to the plate delivering one of the most unforgettable confession speeches of all time and over-ruling any objection she might have. He plans out how they would have met and how their relationship would have gone. He declares he would have stayed with her. He takes away all her fears and ultimately helps her find peace. It is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Angel Beats - Yui passes on after Hinata's confession

And there we have it, my top 5 favourite anime confessions. So now it is your turn. Confess.

Top 5 Anime Confessions

Which anime confession made your heart go doki doki?

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Karandi James

29 thoughts on “Top 5 Anime Confessions

  1. “Chunibyo” was a wonderful series, not least because Yuta’s compassion for Rikka was both founded upon his own experience of the pressures and influences that cause a person to fall into this state, and also because it didn’t patronise or condescend Rikka or try to force her to change before she was ready to be otherwise. He demonstrated a level of respect toward her that is rare in an medium, let alone anime.

    1. I think one of the most powerful moments was when Rikka was acting ‘normal’ Yuuta realised how hollow it was. I love that he supported her to be who she really wanted to be.

  2. I’d say the ending to White Album 2 was pretty good. It left me tearing up.

    But for the best confession of all time there is Senjogahara and Araragi in Bakemonogatari. Absolutely stunning in depth and sincerity. That one leaves me crying.

  3. Dammit – now I want to rewatch Angel Beats just so I have the proper context for that confession. (Which I agree was a fantastic moment.) Maybe I’ll just rewatch that ep/scene… In my copious free time.

    I don’t think I have a favorite confession scene… as I’ve said before, I’m more interested in what happens before and after, in the actual relationship building.

    In fact, the only scene that comes to mind is Kirito and Asuna at the end of ep 10. And that’s not even really a confession, just a mutual understanding / acknowledgement that they both know the truth. It’s not impossible that’s because in spirit it’s not so very different from how my wife and I decided to get married. I did do the whole kneel-and-formally-propose thing a month later (had to wait on a bonus check to afford the ring), but in our minds it was already a foregone conclusion by that point.

    1. I will admit, I find confessions to start dating weird because sometimes it seems like the first time characters have even spoken when one of them suddenly declares they love the other out of the blue. I do however love a good acknowledgement of a growing relationship and love. Really loved Victor and Yuri exchanging rings, though I left it off the list because they didn’t actually say anything and the relationship was still left a little ambiguous even though they were clearly in love.

  4. Ed x Win confession is gold! I adore those dorks so much. I also liked Rikka and Yuuta’s confession scene.

    On other anime/manga series, I also loved Zen and Shirayuki’s confession to each other. I’m a sucker for settings like that, accompanied by a romantic BG music, and my love those two’s dynamic so it’s really memorable for me. Another confession I liked is in Emma S2. It was such a dramatic confession for a dramatic story. D.N.Angel’s, too!

      1. Ahh, it’s a Victorian-era romance between a maid and a rich guy. You can just imagine all the drama. It’s a kinda quiet story which can feel a bit slow. I still liked it nevertheless.

        Thank your for sharing your faves in this post, too! Gonna check out the other anime.

  5. Seen 1, 2, and 5, all great choices!

    Personally, I really dug Amano’s confession to Karen in Gamers, although it wasn’t my heart that went doki doki as much as my funny bone. I’m not sure I stopped laughing for the entire second half of that episode leading up to the confession scene.

    For a more traditionally romantic version, I’m partial to Ryuuji’s to Taiga in Toradora. Making a girl so happy that she leaps into your arms from off the top of a bridge, now that’s a confession!

  6. Not from an anime, but my favorite confession scene remains the one shown in the manga Kanata no Astra. Confessions with a blank face are pretty good.

    1. I think there are so many ‘confession’ scenes in anime (and manga) that any that do something that makes them memorable tend to stay with you.

          1. Well, alright… I need to summarize the context.

            Himeko, blonde bright cheery everyone’s darling. Chikane, darkhaired unapproachable gentle ojousama. Both meet and become close friends. Himeko is dating nice guy Souma, Chikane gradually develops feelings for Himeko, but remains supportive. Their hometown is being attacked by evil Orochi, and Himeko and Chikane learn that they are reincarnations of the Priestesses of the Sun and Moon, fighting Orochi. Souma is an Orochi himself, but rebelling and trying to assist Himeko. Eventually, Chikane watches Souma and Himeko kiss, and we see her face contort in wide-eyed desperation.

            We see Chikane gradually falling into madness – her dressing up as Sun Miko (she’s the Moon Miko), cutting all ties to other people, and then seeking out the Orochi to become one herself. She’s beating up Souma, capturing Himeko and then subsequently makes short work of the remaining Orochi of this reincarnation cycle, becoming the new uber-Orochi. Himeko doesn’t understand and desperately tries to win back the “old” Chikane, but to no avail.

            Eventually, Chikane brings Himeko to the Sanctuary on the moon and tells her to swordfight to the death. Himeko refuses and yells “do you hate me so?” – and what follows is the most bizarre confession scene I can recall ever.

            Chikane starts slashing at Himeko while telling her all the things she loves about her: Her face, her voice, her body, her hair, her breasts, and most of all, her heart. In a very sensual and poetic way (it would have been a great love letter), but delivered with desperate, yandere eyes – the discrepancy is incredibly creepy. Even though Chikane starts to hurt her, Himeko still doesn’t fight back. Only when Chikane uses her Orochi powers to shoot an arrow of death to destroy the world, Himeko screams and fights back, running her Katana through Chikane’s chest. Mortally wounded, Chikane collapses in Himeko’s arms who cries out in horror, seeing the blood (end of episode 11).

            The final episode 12 sees Himeko holding Chikane in her arms and trying to cut her own throat in desperation. Chikane, weak and suddenly back in “gentle” mode, stops her and starts explaining the truth. During the Souma/Himeko kiss she had a vision of their former incarnations. After defeating the Orochi, the Moon Priestess had to kill the cooperating Sun Priestess as sacrifice to restore the world. Chikane couldn’t do this, so she tried to take the place of the Sun Priestess to be sacrificed. And the only way to get Himeko to kill her was to trick her into believing that she had become Orochi and destroying the world.

            Himeko asks Chikane if her confession from ep11 was a lie, too. No, it was the truth, answers Chikane – but Chikane’s love for her was different from Himeko’s love. Enter a very romantic confession in which Himeko explains that her love did not differ at all. They share a kiss and some sweet reminiscing moments, but eventually they are pulled apart when Chikane dies. Himeko wakes up back on earth, but cannot remember a thing – we see her scanning through photo books with tears in her eyes, but she can’t understand why. All photos show only Himeko – Chikane has disappeared without a trace. Chikane, back in the robes of the Moon Miko, returns to her Moon sanctuary, locked away until the next reincarnation cycle.

            Cruelest tragic credits rolling ever.

            At the very very end however, we see an older Himeko in her twenties meet someone looking very much like Chikane, embracing her in the middle of the street.

            This show is quite flawed (especially in the first half) and uber-corny at times, but the second half and end run were very touching and well-done. Excellent seiyuu work and KOTOKO at her very best (Re-Sublimity, agony, Suppuration Core) helped a lot. Especially “agony”, the fantastic ED which eventually turns to be Chikane’s point of view, is worth checking.


            Unfortunately, there’s no proper japanese version of the anime scenes on Youtube (I checked – the English dub is ear cancer and kills the charm of the original). Still, this show has the best double-confession I can remember in _any_ anime.

    1. Ed and Winry are just adorable and that scene with them was beautiful as it just felt so perfect for them. Wish we had more confessions like that one that just feel so earned and so perfect for the characters.

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