Top 5 Anime Characters With Wings

There are plenty of anime characters out there with wings and for whatever reason they always look pretty adorable. Maybe I’ve just been watching too much The Rising of the Shield Hero and Filo just reminded me how much I enjoy anime characters that have wings, but I decided that counting down my top 5 anime characters with wings seemed like a great idea. How did I rank these characters? Mostly on how much I like their look with wings. It isn’t exactly deep or objective. That said, I’d love to know who your picks would be so feel free to leave me a comment below sharing your favourite winged anime character.

Honourable Mentions:

This week I’d like to mention Filo from The Rising of the Shield Hero because in her human form with her two little wings she is just too cute. But, I’m also throwing it over to Ryuk from Death Note because he is just very cool and those wings of his are scary looking.

Number 5: Holy Bell from Ah My Goddess

When Belldandy calls upon Holy Bell the viewer is treated to a really spectacular visual. This is one of the reasons that I absolutely loved Ah My Goddess despite the fairly silly plot at times and the fact that it ended up very formulaic as they repeated more or less the same drama over and over again. Still, seeing Belldandy and Holy Bell do their thing is well and truly worth it.

Number 4: Jibril from No Game No Life

She loves books and she has beautiful wings? Wow, if Jibril wasn’t quite so crazy she’d almost be the perfect character. Seriously though, she makes an impression when she spreads those wings and descends. I absolutely loved her entrance and wished we saw more of her using her wings in the anime.

Number 3: Kurama from Kamisama Kiss

A cloud of smoke, the playing of his own theme song, and Kurama knows how to make an entrance. As a tengu who has descended the mountain to attend a human school and be a singer, he’s got some really gorgeous wings that he knows how to take advantage of.

Number 2: Tachibana from Angel Beats

This one is a bit of a cheat because despite being called an angel, Tachibana doesn’t have wings, until she uses a computer program to make some. They are nearly entirely cosmetic allowing her more to slow a descent than fly and she only really uses them once, but they are just so gorgeous. I really couldn’t leave this one off the list.

Number 1: Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura

I will admit, I totally had a crush on Yue when I was younger and seeing him with his wings was always a joy. It definitely made me squeal happily inside just having him turn up on screen and that was something that continued even with the return of Clear Card. More Yue please and let’s see more of those wings.

There’s my list for the week and as I said, I’d love to know your favourite anime characters with wings so please give them a shout out in the comments.

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24 thoughts on “Top 5 Anime Characters With Wings

  1. I think the scenes where Sailor Moon and (CCS) Sakura get wings are beautiful. Otherwise, while not anime, when I think of wings, I think of Sephiroth and his theme (One-Winged Angel). But I’d also add Misha from Pita-Ten to the list.

  2. I notice a remarkable lack of Papi in your list! Seriously, I don’t mind, because the rest (particularly Holy Bell, Jibril, and Tachibana!) are great, and I wouldn’t drop any of them to make room for Papi.

  3. I like your 1, 2, and 5!

    Van Fanel from Escaflowne is actually the character who inspired my user handle, since he is both (winged, and a king, that is). So obviously he’s right up at the top of my list. For other favorites of mine, I’d add Sylphy from Amagi Brilliant Park, Mink from Dragon Half, Kero-chan as the other half of the CCS duo, and Ayu Tsukimiya from Kanon (even if they aren’t functional, the wings are an essential part of her motif).

    1. Thanks for sharing. Kero definitely deserves a mention (I was trying to keep it to one character per show but Kero is every bit as cool Yue, though didn’t have quite the impact when I was younger).

  4. Angel Beats is my number one. Since Erza has some equipment that looks like wings, I’d include her. I’d also put Atomsk from FLCL progressive in the list too.

  5. That is a good list. If I had my own Top 5 on that subject, I do know there would be a Haibane Renmei character there since most of the cast has wings. Hahaha! I guess I could also put Tiara’s super form in Shamanic Princess, Seraphimon from Digimon, Hitomi from Shinesman, and Van from Escaflowne to name a few.

    1. Seraphimon nearly did make the list because I remember how cool they were when I was younger.
      Thanks for sharing your favourites.

      1. Nice! I remember watching Digimon when I was younger. Yes, I watched that and Pokemon close to the same time, but when I stopped watching Pokemon, I kept going with Digimon until after the 3rd season. Seraphimon had such a cool design to him with the multiple angelic wings and armor.

        1. I also got more into Digimon than Pokemon, though I’ll admit, neither one had quite the impact of Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor.

    1. I probably didn’t like her mostly because I didn’t like Urd very much as a character. I just thought Belldandy’s Holy Bell suited her so well.

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