Tokyo Majin Season 1 Series Review: It’s Like Someone Gave the Scooby Gang Super Powers But Forgot About Fun



During senior year an apparently mysterious new student transfers in to some academy. And then a groups of kids get superpowers. Seriously, that’s all I got out of this though I guess there was some destiny/fate thing going on as well if I’d been able to pay more attention toward the end.


I’m going to keep this one short and sweet because to be honest, by about episode 8 the only thing keeping me watching was that I refuse to review a series I don’t finish, and having sat through eight episodes of this train wreck, I very much wanted to have something to show for it. Pretty much, avoid. Sure there are zombies, demons, cackling villains, superpowered teens, and a mish mash of religious and spiritual references tossed about in a way that should actually appeal to me on every level, and yet this is a horrendous chore to watch.


Starting with the characters, the group of five from the school have zero chemistry. Admittedly, at the start they aren’t a group and the new kid and the bad boy aren’t too bad together, and the other three aren’t so bad as a group, it is just when they put all five together or start trying to do intersecting relationships the whole thing falls flat fast. In some fight sequences I’m sure the writers even forgot certain characters were in particular scenes because they would literally just stand and do nothing (not even call encouragement) until there was no one else left standing and then maybe they’d get involved.

The bad boy is the bad boy because he speaks frankly to his teacher, walks out of class (like straight out the window), and gets into fights on school grounds because why not. This is really incredibly lazy characterisation and we have the same issues with each of the other characters. New kid has no personality. Zip. Unless he’s standing with someone, you could almost just pretend he wasn’t in the scene. Which given he’s apparently important you might want to give him some personality trait. The good girl is only seen as such because everyone else refers to her that way. We seldom see her do anything that would actually make us think she’s a goody two-shoes. The other two characters have their school club related personality traits and their friendship/attraction to the other one or the good girl and basically that’s their entire personality. There’s almost no growth for these characters in the early episodes and by the time you see some positive changes, it is a little bit too late to make you care.


The story is a mess that heavily relies on throw a random monster/villain into the city and go crazy for a bit. Have the teens sniff out the issue. Some sort of fight sequence where they are royally smacked down. Go regroup and have a pep-talk training session. Give up with the planning and have someone in the group go off to face whatever it is. Everyone else will then decide they have to go too. Some other fight sequence where they may or may not actually win. Occasionally remember that there actually has been some severe collateral damage (read many many victims in the city). Honestly, there is no way anyone still lives in that town after all those incidents. They packed up and moved on.


Then we have our cackling villains and occasional other superpowered individual. They delightfully add nothing to the story of note except an occasional fight or bit of less than witty banter. Possibly these characters could have been more interesting, but they receive about as much attention as the main cast do, which is very little.


There’s apparently another season of this. I won’t be starting it. I’d love to know your thoughts on this series if you’ve watched it. Maybe someone has a better opinion of it?

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Karandi James.


11 thoughts on “Tokyo Majin Season 1 Series Review: It’s Like Someone Gave the Scooby Gang Super Powers But Forgot About Fun

  1. I think you deserve a cookie or ten for sitting though this whole thing because it sure sounds like a mind-melting mess. Wow.

    1. As long as it is chocolate chip that might make it all seem worthwhile. I like that plan.
      Mind-melting mess is probably giving it too much credit.

  2. Allow me to be the first to say ’round here that part of me really enjoyed Tokyo Majin when I first saw it — which would be close 9 years ago, but still xD

    I might have a different opinion about it now though, since my taste in anime has definitely changed in that span of time, but I will say that the real “charm” of Tokyo Majin for me (at least back then) was that it was a martial arts themed anime disguised as a supernatural action-thriller.

    Viewing this show as a “mystery” might have been the beginning of the end of this series for a lot of people as there /is no/ mystery to be derived from it. Tokyo Majin is all about flashy fists, kicks, and the occasional gore here and there; and nothing else. It’s a treat for those who want just that in their anime (pretty sure 11-12 year-old me was pretty hyped seeing all those fights), and those who know better will realize right away that there’s no substance to it at all — almost like junk food, really.

    Tokyo Majin being based on an obscure video game is largely to blame, but I wouldn’t go as far as defending this show. It’s pretty bad (lol), but I won’t lie and say that I didn’t like it (first and second season in all).

  3. Lol, well the message I got from this review is pretty much clear: avoid this one at all cost 😂. Sorry you had to suffer through this though, it’s amazing that for every good show out there, there are always such bad ones as well 😊

  4. I am surprised you made it through the entire show! The first few episodes were such an endeavor for me that I had to stop myself, and judging from your feelings about the show this doesn’t even fall into the “so bad its good” range. Which is sad because these are the worst types of shows, devoid of the fun. But hey if they did have a talking dog that says “ruh-ro” it could have been something too weird to pass up.

    1. You were way smarter than me. I just wanted to know more about the transfer student and why he was apparently important. Unfortunately, this show doesn’t actually seem to care about its own plot and is content to just drag you through its incredibly boring motions time and again.

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