Tokyo Ghoul:Re Episode 3: The Bleak Picture Continues


They seem to be working as a team, but there are so many horrible people here all after their own goal. Seems like nothings changed with Tokyo Ghoul.


I know this anime is just getting going and it is building to an operation that looks like it might kick these into motion, but I couldn’t help while watching this episode feeling like the thrill was just gone. I don’t care whether Haise gets his memories back at this point so there’s no emotional resonance going on when creepy prisoner guy is asking him about what he’ll do. The team themselves all have their own issues and while they might become interesting, they aren’t yet. The most action we get this episode is a door getting kicked in and there are so many characters all pushing forward with their own agenda the entire thing just kind of feels disconnected.


None of this makes it unsalvageable, but other than people who are super thrilled just to get more Tokyo Ghoul, it would be hard to recommend this anime to anyone based on what it has delivered so far. There’s potential to be sure and it would be lovely to see it do something with its themes and ideas, though given season 1 had a fairly strong start and then still squandered it, I’m not going to be overly hopeful until this anime actually delivers an episode that is strong in its own right and not just because I want this franchise to finally deliver.

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9 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul:Re Episode 3: The Bleak Picture Continues

  1. I really can’t disagree with anything you said here. The Tokyo Ghoul anime just doesn’t do a good job at conveying the emotions that the audience should feel.

    1. It’s a shame when you want to like something and you can see potential in it, but the execution leaves you pretty indifferent.

      1. That’s how I was when I saw S1 & S2. I was intrigued by the series but I was so confused with everything and I felt like I wasn’t feeling the emotions I was supposed to feel. That did change once so many people convinced me to read the manga. But seeing it from an anime-only perspective I can see it’s pretty hard to fully enjoy it. I was really hoping a different studio would do the :re anime just to see if anyone else wold take a different approach with it. Unfortunately it’s still Perriot with the same problems.

  2. Out of all the anime I’m watching this one is disappointing me the most. Probably because I was just expecting so much more. I’m tired of feeling confused and I want a good story.

    1. I’m not disappointed because season 2 already managed to kill off any real hopes and expectations. I did want season 3 to be better, but there are so many things this anime is just assuming I know from the source that I’m having to guess at, it kind of does make for a tiring viewing experience.

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