Tokyo Ghoul AMV Tribute

Awhile ago I posted a tribute to D Gray Man and some of the excellent AMV’s out there. This time I went searching for some amazing AMV’s from Tokyo Ghoul and was overwhelmed by the sheer number out there. Here are some of my favourites:

Tokyo Ghoul – Centuries: Posted by taintedgundam

Why should you watch it? Because the sync between the visuals and the lyrics is amazing and the song just works for the themes of Tokyo Ghoul. It isn’t excessively gory (for Tokyo Ghoul) but does show some of the more dramatic moments from season 1. Well worth a watch.

Tokyo Ghoul – Break the World: Posted by HeavensLuke

Why should you watch it? This was is gory but really feels like it connects with Kaneki’s character at the end of the first season. The lyrics are really appropriate and the match up with the visuals is quite well done.

Tokyo Ghoul – Already Over: Posted by GSSJ70

Why should you watch it? There is far more focus on the sadness of the show rather than the violence and gore (though there is that as well). It really makes you feel for the characters through a great selection of visuals matched to the much more reflective song than most of the AMV’s I found for this anime.

Tokyo Ghoul – Just a Dream: Posted by Ayaka Uchiha

Why should you watch it? Touka and Kaneki. I had to include one AMV featuring these two and I like that this one is a little more tragic than hopeful of their relationship.

Tokyo Ghoul – Destroy the Obvious: Posted by Lunar Gade

Why should you watch it? Awesome song and a great selection of scenes from the anime. Works really well, but mostly I just loved the song.

Have you got a favourite Tokyo Ghoul AMV? Share it below.

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