Thoughts on No Man’s Sky

Okay, this is totally not an anime post which is a very first for 100 Word Anime. I could pretend there is an anime link but the bottom line is this week I’ve been spending a bit more time on my other entertainment obsession, computer games.

Most of you should know that No Man’s Sky came out for PC last week and had a few teething issues. Even when they were resolved I had to update more or less everything on my system to make the game run (even on the lowest settings). This isn’t actually the game’s fault as my system is getting a little dated and I’m desperately trying to stretch it until at least the beginning of next year (I hate setting up a new system).

I am going to point out the hours spent downloading and installing updates were so worth it once the game got going. I luckily started on a planet that had a lot of minerals, very little wildlife to kill me, and easy access to pretty much everything I needed to repair my ship. Even then I just kind of left my ship and wandered around because even on low settings this game is beautiful. Hours disappeared as I wandered, scanned, gathered, built, finally encountered and traded with an alien, found ruins, learned some language, finally managed to tick off the sentinels, built weapons and upgraded ship parts, etc, etc.

Finally I took to space and visited a space station which was kind of an underwhelming experience but it was near a planet where a signal was coming from so down we went and this time we landed someplace that kind of looked like Yoda’s swamp so most things on the planet are getting named after Star Wars characters (sorry to the poor flora and fauna).

The third planet has been a bit tricky. Okay, I nearly landed on a dinosaur type thing (so Jurrassic themed naming here we come) but the temperature is really, really hot, so exploration is just a little bit tricky.

This game is beautiful, addictive, entertaining and a completionists nightmare. I want to go back to the first planet because even though I was there for hours there were plenty of things I passed by (especially when I had to hide from the excessive heat because I ran out of energy for my suit). I want to spend longer on this second planet. I want to stay on the third planet. I want to see the rest of the solar system. I want to activate my newly built hyperdrive and go to a different system.

I’m totally hooked as you can tell.

So much like anime I’m going to have to set some times when I can lose myself in the game or else things are going to get messy with anime, blogging, work and gaming. That’s okay. It’s all great fun.

If you’ve checked out No Man’s Sky tell us about your experience with the game so far.

12 thoughts on “Thoughts on No Man’s Sky

  1. I was hyped for this game when it was first announced, but since that time it has diminished to having little interest. I kept up with most news from it to a point, and during that time I came to realize this wasn’t going to be as deep as advertised, and that it wouldn’t be game I’d enjoy enough to justify spending $60 on it.

    With that said, I defenitly think the game has suffered from unrealistic over-hyping. If anything, the game is more of an experience, than a piece of entertainment; entertainment though it may be.

  2. Glad you are enjoying it. I’ve been hearing mixed to mostly negatives about this game. Good to see some positives. Do you plan on making a follow up to this one after you play it longer?

    1. I’ll do a follow up in a week or so but I’m kind of hooked on it. I get where some people find it dull because there’s a real need for a lot of the drive to come from the player.

  3. I was blown away by the E3 Trailer they showed, the thought of exploring an entire universe got me going. I followed the hype for a while but I forgot about it afterwards. Sounds like it’s as fun as I hoped it’d be. Gonna pick it up soon…I hope.

    1. The complaint that I keep reading online is that there is nothing to do. I think there is a misconception about exploration somewhere. That said, the planets are a little samey in some respects.

      1. Sad that I’ll probably have zero chance of running into another player…..then it might get very boring. An open world to explore is one thing but not being able to interact with anyone is another.

  4. If you haven’t heard, I left consoles to play pc games, (easier on my Cerebral Palsy one handed gaming style). How much upgrading does a pc need to run the game?

    1. If you’ve got a decent system it will run fine. The problem is, my computer is approaching 5 years in age so it’s barely got the specs to run anything these days.

      1. Well, I just built this beast a year ago, and got decent enough parts, but the graphics card need to be upped due to I just got what fit the budget. Do plan a semi rebuild soon though.

  5. So glad you like it! I really want to get a copy myself, but I’m trying to save every last penny for the Destination Star Trek event in October.

  6. I really love the language learning concept of the game. It’s like upping your communication skill except your level is measured simply by how many words you know.

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