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My Roommate is a Cat Episode 5 Review

Is it possible that Haru could end up being a cuter pet than Mii-Kun from How To Keep a Mummy last year? I wouldn’t have thought so and yet this episode full of sparkles and adorableness may just push My Roommate is a Cat into a close second in terms of anime I end up liking not because of any kind of plot but just because they hit that special spot of adorableness that makes me just tilt my head and go ‘aww’.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 5 Subaru

This week we see Nana, the girl from the pet shop, drop by to try to give Subaru some advice on how to not overfeed Haru. Any new pet owner can sympathise with Haru being fairly clueless and a little panicky, though why he hadn’t just looked up the right portion sizes when he has clearly enjoyed ordering items and the like online is still a little bit of a mystery. Still, this sequence leads to some adorable play time with Haru that is fun both the first time from Subaru’s point of view and second time through with Haru’s thoughts.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 5 Haru

But the super adorable moments just keep coming with Subaru running with Haru to return Nana’s house key. The moment Haru comes face to face with Hachi is just spot on (by the way, love the naming sense in this show with Nana owning Roku and Hachi – it’s terrible and yet brilliant). And then there’s the moment when Subaru calls Haru and for once Haru goes to him, prompted by Hachi given Haru does not mean food.

My Roommate is a Cat Epiosde 5 Haru and Subaru

Warm sparkles and sweet moments aside, this is just a fun episode. Subaru is making an effort to be nice to Nana and while he is incredibly awkward, there’s a genuine adorableness about him. Nana is just a bundle of sweet and while there are some shipping Nana with Subaru I’m feeling more of an older sister type with her. And Subaru could really do with one. But as always, the star of the show and the one who stole my heart again and made me want to hug my own kitty is Haru. Watch the anime for Haru alone, the rest is just kind of window-dressing.

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3 thoughts on “This Week Witness Happy Sparkles From Pet Ownership

    1. I’ll honestly be happier if they don’t. Subaru barely tolerates other people so him suddenly deciding to date would probably just kill his character for me. As I said, I definitely see her more as an older sister type.

      1. Ah, I meant that everyone expected them to get together as it is always assumed every character in anime is single, but now there is this other guy it seems they’ve swerved us on that obvious trope and storyline.

        Of course, he could be a brother or something to leave the door open for Subaru, but if it does happen I don’t think it will be sudden, since the series as about his step-by-step journey in interacting with others so I agree they should keep it as Subaru and Haru vs the world so to speak! 🙂

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