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This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 4 President

Yomu set the themes for week 4 and they were interesting but ultimately I decided to settle on Blue. If you are interested in other posts from the collaboration or getting involved next week, be sure to check out Yomu’s site.


Why blue? It was a question I wondered about a lot while watching this episode and for the most part I came up empty on answers but at the same time it added a little something as I looked at each scene and wondered about the purpose of blue. Apparently I’m easily entertained by my own thoughts because this kind of made this whole episode really fun to watch, even though the actual anime still isn’t doing a whole lot for me.

So let’s get into Blue.

This week we meet a new art adviser and she’s wearing a pale blue cardigan over a white button up shirt. Apparently blue is a lucky colour in Japan and can symbolise passivity. I kind of think that works for the new adviser given it’s her first day meeting the club and she’s a little worried, so it would make sense for her to look for a lucky colour, and she’s also a pretty passive character allowing things to happen around her rather than being an active agent for the most part.

It also contrasts nicely with Uchimaki’s waifu the pink cat-eared girl wearing a dark blue school swimsuit. While both the adviser and the poster girl are wearing blue, the different shades definitely set up a very different feel in the scene. And speaking of blue feelings…


Colette turns an interesting shade of blue on meeting the adviser as she comes to the crazy conclusion that this incredibly mild woman is somehow conspiring to win her trust and then kidnap her. I’d love to know what is going on in Colette’s head sometimes but you have to admit, the blue shading is quite interesting here.


Of course, we also get a fun sequence in the middle where Colette is trying to stay in shadows and that leads to some very interesting cool blue shades which contrast nicely with the harsh sunlight in the scenes. I don’t think there’s any deeper meaning to either Colette’s game or the colour scheme here, but it was nicely done.

Finally, there’s an interesting sequence at the end where we see Usami on the phone with Uchimaki and she’s hugging a blue pillow with a green curtain and pillow in the scene. Immediately after, she changes clothes to meet Uchimaki when he drops off a printout and we see that Uchimaki is dressed in a green hoodie with a blue bag hanging at his side. The mirrored colours in these scenes is kind of interesting though what it means, I do not know. Still, it was a fun observation to make and I wondered if it was indicating these two might at some point actually get together.

And that is my review of the episode with a focus on Blue. Looking forward to next week’s theme. Again, if you want to get involved check out Yomu’s post.

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4 thoughts on “This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 4 – Blue

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  2. I’ve been loving Colette and her antics, glad she joined the show when she did.
    Also glad the episode had a fair amount of blue things to write about haha

    1. It was definitely kind of fun playing spot the blue. There were other random blue background objects but I didn’t have anything to say about them other than ‘this is blue’ so I left them out of the post.

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