There’s No Anime While Driving

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The statement “there’s no anime while driving” seems like something that should be a totally obvious statement. And as there is no anime, there is also no reading, no gaming, nothing. Just the long stretch of straight black road lined with red dirt, dust, and the occasional (or frequent) animal carcass.

star driver 1
Stardriver / driving in QLD… okay, there isn’t much of a connection but still that picture is cool.

Yes, I have officially started my drive to the city to catch a plane to get to Japan. The first leg of the journey done, I’m writing this after a full work day and a three hour drive while sitting on the edge of what might be the single most unaccommodating bed in the history of motel beds (not unclean, just really uncomfortable) and I’m sitting on the bed because when I sat in the chair every single time I moved (you know to like type something) it squeaked and shrieked like I was killing its mother and so I gave that up as a bad joke.

But I am not complaining. Tomorrow I have another fairly long drive and then I have just a few hours to pick up the few things I needed to buy for the trip but couldn’t get where I lived and then I’m flying up and away to Japan and I’m very excited.

However, back to the point of the post (okay, there is no point, not really), it kind of occurred to me that driving long distance is the single most boring game ever invented. It’s like a really dull driving simulator only getting bored mid-journey and crashing out is kind of life threatening which is actually enough to make you keep paying attention even as you stop at yet another roadworks sign where there isn’t a single person working on the road (or even visible) or as the sun turns into a flaming orange ball in your rear-view mirror and threatens to burn your eyes clean from their sockets if you actually dare to glance at your mirrors.

But as to the true inspiration for the post title I’ll have to give thanks to the great Tom Hanks for that one as it borrows heavily from his line from ‘A League of Their Own’.

Tom Hanks - There's no crying in baseball.

The important point though is that I’ve started my trip and I’m really excited. I finished watching everything I was reviewing in Winter except for Boogiepop wa Warawanai which I do intend to finish I just haven’t quite gotten there yet. Still, over the next couple of weeks while I’m hoping to do update posts and possibly some first impressions posts, output is going to be a little down on the blog.

Hope everyone is doing well and I’ll be back soon with actual updates from Japan.

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7 thoughts on “There’s No Anime While Driving

  1. I’m a bit behind with my blogging watch list but I hope you have the best time in Japan! I love going there, and I hope it is everything you’ve dreamed of 🙂

  2. Have a great journey and sweet time my sweet boy/beautiful girl.

    And I’ll sit here, try my best not to get jealous (but a little is allowed isn’t it?)

  3. I don’t have a car, (and not a license either, so something tells me it’s not a good idea to be driving then 😂😂), so I do everything by train. And I love taking trips on trains. The most positive thing about it is I can do everything I want then: reading, watching something on my phone, or just enjoying the ride. That…and I have been known to get carsick too when I’m in a car, so there is that 😊
    I can’t wait to hear about your experiences in Japan. Have a safe trip, and take care….but as I said a few times now: above all…have fun! 😊

  4. You’re so right and this. The only thing you can do when you’re driving is just listen to audio things and even when there is that variability, it’s still boring.

    I hope your hotel in Japan is better then your current one.

    1. Probably not. I’m staying at my friend’s apartment which is provided for him by his work. It’s not exactly going to be luxury but I have no complaints given I’m going to Japan.

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