The Worst Show of Winter 2017

If you didn’t see my poll for best show of Winter, I’ve added that poll at the bottom of this post as well. However, this post is primarily for voting for the worst show of Winter 2017. My criteria for worst show is pretty much bad story, bad characters, and/or boring (or you know, you just don’t like it).

As with the previous poll if you could spread the word I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks for your vote. I’ll release results soon, probably next week.

For those who missed it, here’s where you can vote for what you thought the best show was.

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15 thoughts on “The Worst Show of Winter 2017

  1. I’m tempted to vote for Hand Shakers because just reading your and Prattle’s reviews were enough to traumatize me but since I didn’t watch myself, I’ll refrain. But I’m hoping it’ll win.

  2. For some reason, I watched ‘Forest Fairy Five’ which is a bad series. I think your statement about how sometimes something interestingly bad can be more entertaining than something which is competent but mediocre has some validity. Forest Fairy Five has over-saturated awkward CG visuals, an incomprehensible ‘plot’, stilted voice acting, but I’ve actually sort of enjoyed sitting down and watching it each week. I cannot think of one conventional strength it had, it’s hands down the worst show I watched this season, and perhaps ever, but I looked forward to seeing it more than a few of the considerably more competent series I’ve been watching.

  3. I haven’t seen it, but it’s Hand Shakers. Three minutes of episode 1 and all of the screenshots I’ve seen guarantee I’ll never watch it, but it is definitely the worst show of the season.

  4. Saw Hand Shakers as the featured image and was ready to come in with, “I think you meant /BEST/ show!”

    I’d vote but didn’t really watch enough to have any real opinion.

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