The Worst of Winter 2017


Later today my Best of Winter post will come out and I’ll celebrate all those wonderful moments that got people talking (or at least entertained me during the past three months). But that is not his post. This post shares the worst and the lowest moments of the season as well as the reader’s choice for worst anime of Winter 2017.

My Least Favourite Show

Chosen only from shows that I watched from beginning to end during the Winter 2017 season (or completed in 2017 if they carried over from the previous season), this is the show that I cringed at the thoughts of watching but still managed to string me along with the faintest of hopes that eventually it would reveal something of note.

Yep, Hand Shakers.


And no, it never did produce anything of note other than just how awful it was. Then again, anyone who has been following my blog is not even remotely surprised by this.

It should probably be noted that I literally hated everything about this show, however, in order not to let Hand Shakers get a big head by letting it take out every worst of category, I’ve pretty much excluded it from this point forward.

My Least Favourite Character

So, this had to be someone I bothered to remember but I actively disliked them as a character (so not just because they were a villain). And once again, I had to have finished watching the show so all the characters from Fuuka were removed from potential nomination because otherwise my decision would have been easily made.

I’m kind of going to have to go with Chuta from elDLIVE.


I really wanted to see him grow as a character and I did enjoy the few kind of moments of growth he got, but he pretty much instantly regressed right after and given they are playing his insecurities for laughs it really doesn’t have quite the same appeal as some other emotionally damaged characters this season.

My Least Favourite Story

Again, I had to have finished the story to make this decision so Iron Blooded Orphans Season 2 and Zestiria are momentarily given a reprieve as neither of them have actually finished, though both would have been contenders given their season 2 plots have mostly just gone through the motions and added little of significance. And on that theme we have the winning anime:

Blue Exorcist Season 2


All build up and hints at later plot threads but the plot delivered in this season is strictly side-story material and the final villain is all but inconsequential (and treated as such). Basically, if you have been reading the source material, you might get a lot out of this in terms of the set up for later events, but if you view this just as an anime season and ask it to stand on its own two feet in terms of plot, its going to fail miserably.

My Least Favourite Opening Theme and Visuals

Okay, these categories are only combined because the answer was one and the same. Not a lot to explain about the category other than this is an opening theme I couldn’t stomach listening to and visuals that were just hideous to look at (and I already excluded Hand Shakers from nomination).

I give this dubious honour to Spiritpact.


As much as I ended up enjoying the show by the mid-season point, the opening was terrible as were the visuals. While the visuals improved in the second half, there were still some really questionable choices and to be honest the whole show would benefit from a total remake as the story is actually kind of good once you get into it.

Reader’s Choice – Worst Anime of 2017

Here it is:

Hand Shakers, you did it again.

Admittedly, there was a pretty short time frame on this poll and Fuuka was definitely rallying there at the end so maybe if I’d left the poll open a bit longer we’d have a slightly different result.

Now, I’ve had my say on the worst of Winter 2017. What do you think? Who would you have nominated for worst character? Which show had the worst opening, visuals, or storyline? Share your opinion in the comments below and be sure to check out the best of post later today.

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25 thoughts on “The Worst of Winter 2017

  1. I’ve should’ve read this blog first…

    I’m terrible when catching up on Karandi pieces but at least Hand Shakers won here

    1. I still want to send a letter to my past self Orange style and tell me not to even start watching Hand Shakers.
      Oh yeah, I should probably mention all the major upset that hit me in the real world over the last few months, but surely stopping myself watching Hand Shakers is the most important thing to include in a letter.

      1. Please send an Orange style letter to me too. I need to be warned!

        I didn’t realize March was rough for you, hopefully April has been treating you better in life

        1. Trying very hard to remind myself things will get better. The real world is being just a little more real than I like so far this year (thank goodness for anime and great online discussions).

  2. Glad no one voted for the Saga of Tanya the Evil. I thought it was cool. Granted it’s only 9 episodes in at this point. The ending may disappoint but so far I’m enjoying it. It starts off pretty cliche then takes a hard right turn and goes with the main theme of choice versus predestination. It was done in a fairly unique way too. Not for everyone especially those who prefer more sugary sweet anime. But for me it was one of the better ones of the season.

    Blue Exorcist fell that hard? I’m actually hoping Berserk 2017 does too. As a Berserk fan it kills me to say it but honestly we deserve better. Still I take solace in the fact that since they skipped to the 4th Arc in the new anime they only have like 2 more arcs before they pretty much have to make an anime only ending. Then the abomination will stop. Maybe I’ll get to see the end of the series in the next 20 years given all the hiatus. I already waited 7 for Guts to get off a boat. What’s the worst that could happen?

  3. Alright challenge accepted: I’m gonna watch Hand Shakers and I’m gonna write a post to justify it. You may think this is impossible but I believe I have the ability… Plus, this show can’t be THAT bad…

  4. For once a popularity poll produces something that virtually no one could argue about. Or it means that the readers of this blog are amazing.

  5. I have tried three times to get through Hand Shakers first 10 minutes and have failed every time. The way the characters move in relation to the backgrounds just makes me nauseous. I’ve decided the only way is to take a shot of vodka before each episode and marathon it, it’s the way I watch The Room so hopefully it’ll make hand shakers ironically enjoyable.

    1. I wouldn’t. Then again, I think Hand Shakers is the kind of anime I just couldn’t recommend to anyone. It’s one of those things that having watched I would never inflict it on someone else.

  6. Ah, poor Spiritpact. That show could have been seriously great in the hands of a more versatile studio.

    Looks like there was no saving Hand Shakers though.

    1. Spiritpact at least had a really interesting story by the end and an ending. Still couldn’t say it was well done, but it managed to be highly entertaining. Besides, if I hadn’t eliminated Hand Shakers, it would have taken out worst visuals.

      1. I’m still waiting eagerly for Log Horizon Season 3 or a guilty pleasure of mine is Is It Wrong To Pick Up a Girl In a Dungeon. I might be waiting a while though. 🙁

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