The Sword, The Confession, and the Betrayal

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Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episodes 6 + 7 Review

I’m almost glad for these two episodes. Mostly, because as Ning says to Yin during episode 6, she’s more or less tired of hearing the same argument over and over.

Now Zhao makes no sense as a character. Okay, superficially he does but his whole desire for power from the people who destroyed his home doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Nor does his expecting that Yin is just going to go with him. And if he honestly thinks being friends with the Empress will keep him alive and in power he clearly hasn’t been paying all that much attention given quite clearly people fall out of power as quickly as they gain it.

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episode 7 Zhao and Yin

But I’m getting this all out of order. The group of rebels Yin and Ning have hooked up with formally invite them to rebel and of course Ning is ready to go and Yin is a wet-blanket. This leads to a touching sisterly moment where Ning finally admits she lied to Yin about Zhao wanting to see her at the dance but Ning keeps to herself the whole part where apparently Yin is some reincarnated soul with a destiny – what can we say, sisters?

Almost immediately after this, they are rafting down a river to join up with some other rebels when Zhao’s squad of really creepy contraptions attacks them. The trio are reunited, end up taking a swim, and Yin and Zhao kind of have a heart to heart while in their undergarments sitting by a fire with Ning knocked out and recovering.

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episode 7 Yin, Ning and Zhao

This is of course after we’ve seen Zhao making happy plans with the empress to build a grave for these two and the villagers for most of the two episodes. Now he’s insisting Yin come back with him because he has power and for some weird reason he doesn’t understand why she might object. Ning on the other hand, knows exactly what she’s always wanted and when Yin doesn’t take Zhao’s hand, Yin is right there and ready to go.

It is almost as if Yin cursed herself when she hugged Ning in episode 6 and said they would be together forever. She should just be happy it wasn’t actually a death flag she raised.

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episode 6 Yin and Ning

Anyway, Xuan Yuan remains an interesting watch though it is riddled with issues. I can’t actually imagine this having a happy ending so I’m preparing to watch all the characters die tragically. If anyone ends up surviving that would just be a happy surprise at this point.

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