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The Silver Guardian Overview:

The synopsis on Crunchyroll tells me that The Silver Guardian, or Gin no Guardian, is the story of Suigin saving Riku Rei. It kind of starts that way from about episode 2 to episode 4 or 5. After that I’m not so sure even the writers knew what this show was actually about.

The Silver Guardian Review:

While I will admit this show is not as toxic as something along the lines of Hand Shakers, it must be said that this is probably my second biggest regret for the year that I didn’t just drop it at episode 1. Part of me kept hoping this would turn into something like Spiritpact and build on its strengths recovering from a poor first episode, and while the first half of The Silver Guardian certainly showed promise, the second half just kind of gave up caring.

The Silver Guardian

But rather than just hit out with poor comparisons and the like, I should probably review the show itself. The problem is, I don’t have much to say because everything is still kind of in introductory mode even though we’re 12 episodes in. A season 2 is apparently on the cards (why I do not know) but it isn’t until next year and by them I’m pretty sure nobody is going to remember this even came out.


Keeping it simple then, let’s look at characters. Suigin is the main character and he is generic, nice protagonist model C with a side dish of poor student / obsessed gamer just in case we didn’t think he had any distinguishing traits. Oh, and he wears a red scarf. This seems significant in episode 1 and in the opening but never after that.


Riku Rei starts out looking like she might be a character. The opening narration is done by her in episode 1. She’s the kidnap victim that sends Suigin racing around trying to save her (for about half an episode before we just get into random game play situations). Her father developed the game that she’s apparently trapped in after his murder. It kind of seems like she should have some personality but nope.

Everyone else is pretty much forgettable including the one note villains who don’t have anywhere near enough presence to be considered memorable or interesting.

The story itself is simple enough but for some reason the show doesn’t want to focus on the story. Suigin, go save Riku Rei. This isn’t that hard a concept to get. Why are you raiding that tomb? Why are you out of the game at all given she’s inside it? Why haven’t you actually finished the tutorial yet? Oh, and why are we watching some random players randomly playing? How do they relate?

The second half of this show is maddeningly frustrating in how it wants to stretch out its wafer-thin plot as far as it possibly can even if that means smashing the wafer to pieces and scattering the dust from here until wherever the end of the series actually is.


Visually, it works. The music is pretty cool at times. individual fights are kind of interesting. But as a whole this is one to skip. Short episodes or not (13 minutes), we all have better things to do than wait for this show to find its own plot.

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Karandi James

13 thoughts on “The Silver Guardian Series Review

  1. I’m so happy I decided to drop this. I was really holding out hope for it, but when I started making excuses just to not watch it anymore, I knew it was time, LOL. Thanks for a great review!

    1. I know. I’m getting that way with Sagrada Reset where I went to watch the most recent episode and decided I needed to go stack the dishwasher right then. I doubt that show is going to last much longer before I cut it from my watch list.

  2. That’s the great thing about following your blog, besides adding a few great anime totles to my to watch list, there are luckily also quite a few that I can drop 😉 This one definitely seems like I don’t have to watch any time soon 😊 So yeah…I definitely have better things to do lol 😂😂

    1. It really did get lost and I was so disappointed with that. All the way along there was a chance for it to pull itself up and it just didn’t.

  3. Great review. It represents the feelings I had while watching it perfectly, and yet.. I’ll probably watch 2nd season too. For reasons also unknown to me.

    On another side, I find extremely funny this part of the interview between Haoliner and MAL:

    What’s the unique thing about a work like Gin no Guardian?

    The thing that is interesting about Gin no Guardian is that the main character is not the hero. He’s the like the last boss of the game, and all the players have to beat him. That’s something I haven’t seen before. Usually the hero is the main protagonist, and they have to beat the boss.

    It makes me wonder whether I watched the same show, as the synopsis is… more than simply different.

    1. I regularly wonder who writes the synopsis for some of these shows and whether they just summarise the source material or make stuff up given how little similarity the synopsis has to the show.

  4. “…wafer-thin plot as far as it possibly can even if that means smashing the wafer to pieces and scattering the dust from here until wherever the end of the series actually is.”

    I’m commenting just to say how much I love this line. Brilliant.
    Will be staying well away from this series of course.

    1. Right? Some of her lines are just gold. I think I’ll start saving them (I still laugh at “slice of nothing” from Granblue… and several weeks(?) passed). I like this more though.

      “we all have better things to do than wait for this show to find its own plot.”

    2. It’s a shame because episodes 2 – 4 were actually kind of interesting and looked like they were setting up a reasonable story. And then it just didn’t do anything.
      Glad you appreciated that line.

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