The Silver Guardian Episode 8



So the grandfather’s left over data apparently came with an expiry because it broke apart and disappeared which would have been fine, but if he knew his time was limited maybe he should have been a bit more forthcoming with some actual explanations. Such as what is a tomb guardian, why are they needed, what happened to all the others, and what are they guarding against? You know, just things that would make this plot make sense. Poor Riku Rei though. She’s really just be turned into the prize at the end of the game. Her only mention this week came when the grandfather pointed out that protecting the tomb would also save Riku Rei (no actual advice on why it would help though).


My other criticism this week goes to the antagonists. When the throw a tantrum like Team Rocket it really makes it hard to feel any sense of menace so you kind of disconnect from caring about the conflict.

All and all, this show has remained watchable but I’m not going to recommend it anytime soon. We’ll see if they manage to actually sort out the mess by the end.

The Silver Guardian is available on Crunchyroll.

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