The Silver Guardian Episode 7



There’s a lot that could be said about this episode. We could talk about the uselessness of Twin Star who showed up, pressed herself against Suigin in the previous episode before dragging him into the game, and then ran away during this episode at the first sign of trouble. Or we could talk about the weird cat girl thing who appears in suggestive poses to kiss Suigin (apparently unsealing a memory though why that is significant or how it was sealed are clearly issues this show is unconcerned with).


But let’s ignore that and focus instead on the appearance of the dead guy, or rather the dead guy’s data. He gets bonus points for figuring out a cool introduction and then loses several million points for not getting to a point.


Really, this episode introduces nothing other than some potential villains (who probably aren’t going to be hanging around too long) and the fact that Suigin can talk to his grandfather so might get some actual information. We learn nothing about how the game mechanics work or where Riku Rei is (other than a short snippet of her being bathed by mermaids at the end of the episode – why?).

Needless to say, despite enjoying the last few episodes, this one felt like a definite step backward.

The Silver Guardian is available on Crunchyroll.

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