The Silver Guardian Episode 10



I moved the Silver Guardian down to the ‘They Made This’ category after episode 10. The first episode of this was poorly done but intriguing. We then had about 4 or so episodes where they were actually building a reasonable story with two characters that, while generic, we could get behind. Then we’ve had the last few episodes. This episode we do not see Riku Rei at all (though she is talked about) and Suigin is almost a no show. Instead we follow the random gamers introduced fairly randomly a few episodes a go and to be honest it isn’t interesting and I’m not sure how it was even relevant to the main plot line.


Probably my biggest problem with this is one of the villain’s henchmen actually asks the villain outright why Riku Rei is so important (something the viewers would really like to know as well at this point) and the villain just says ‘I know you probably don’t understand’. Absolutely, because nothing has been said and no hints have been given. I don’t mind shows that delay reveals but that’s when there’s some solid foreshadowing and groundwork going on. This show just feels like it is leaping from idea to idea and making it up as it goes. Honestly not really enjoying watching at this point and if it wasn’t for my curiosity about how we get to the events we saw in episode 1, I would probably be doing a late season drop at this point.

The Silver Guardian is availabe on Crunchyroll.

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