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Crunchyroll’s synopsis says that Suigin is a pro-level gamer (though little evidence given in episode 1) who meets some girl and they get sucked into a game. Again, no real confirmation of this storyline in episode 1.


We’re flashing back as the start of the episode has the girl (Riku Rei) monologuing about some mysterious guy who is out there fighting for them. Then of course we go to some fantasy world where an impossible number of skeleton things have surrounded some monument that has said guy standing on top of it.

Two things came to mind here. If the protagonist isn’t taking the threat seriously, why should the audience? Also, when the guy runs down one side to fight the horde, why don’t the ones just standing around run up the other side and claim the treasure?

Anyway, we then jump back to a year ago where the guy meets the girl in a contrived near drowning experience (good thing I have no emotional attachment to anything in this show and they didn’t to make us care that someone might drown).

All and all, this episode sets up a few ideas, looks a little intriguing, but the execution is dreadful and the fight sequences are a joke.


That said, because I’m a sucker for punishment I’m giving this a second episode before I’ll walk away. If it actually attempts to give some cohesion to the plot I’ll probably end up sticking with this even though there is almost no chance this will end well.

The Silver Guardian is available on Crunchyroll.

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8 thoughts on “The Silver Guardian Episode 1

  1. I watched 5 minutes and dropped it. I love myself too much, and have given myself way too much to watch and review during weekends, to waste it on trash.

  2. I was so thankful to discover that it was only 13 minutes long. I feel completely justified in dropping this one. It’s not the worst I’ve seen this season so far but it’s pretty close.

    1. This one hasn’t made me drop on sight, but it is certainly on my list of potential drops for the season. And it is about the worst I’ve actually tried so far, but there are so many other shows to come yet.

    1. I think avoiding this would be justified. I’m hoping that if episode 2 isn’t significantly better that I have enough sense just to drop this rather than sitting through the whole thing.

        1. Yeah, but there is the smallest possibility of it improving so I’m going to give it one more episode (okay, I’m delusional and that is becoming clear).

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