The Second Annual WordPress Anime Awards

Once again, a group of us have come together to nominate some of the best anime of 2019 and now it is time for the community to vote.

Thanks KawaiiPaperPandas, Ty-chamaMechAnimeReviewsMatt DoyleStar & LunaJon Spencer ReviewsLethargic RamblingsAno_NoraAlexie the Great, and Bodell.

For this year’s awards there are three new categories for you all; Best Duo in Anime, Best Original Soundtrack in Anime, and Best Still or Stylized scene in Anime. Fan favorite categories such as Best Girl/Boy, Breakout Anime of the Year, and Most Disappointing Anime from last year have made an appearance once again. We hope you enjoy voting in the new categories as much as we did picking nominations for each one. Voting will begin from December 10th and run until December 31st at midnight. Get those votes in as soon as you can! We will announce the winners sometime in January so keep your eyes peeled for that post when the time arrives. Good luck to all the anime series nominated this year and may the best anime series come out on top! (Voting link is down below)

To vote in the 2019 WordPress Anime Awards click the link here: WordPress Anime Awards 2019 Voting Page.

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