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Domestic Girlfriend Episode 5 Review

With Hina’s ‘affair’ business mostly wrapped up this week I wasn’t surprised she was taking a back set in this episode of Domestic Girlfriend, though I was surprised at just how little presence she had. Instead our focus is first Rui and then Natsuo connected via Rui’s new friend, Momo.

Domestic Girlfriend Episode 5 Rui and Momo

Momo is an interesting addition to the cast. Not because she’s overly interesting given we have standard nice girl/flirty persona masking damaged and lonely girl trope and so far she hasn’t really deviated off that script enough to have much of her own personality. No, what made her interesting was the way first Rui and then Natsuo interacted with her.

Rui is warned off Momo fairly quickly when her classmates realise Momo has given Rui a present. They toss the toy in the bin and tell Rui a bunch of rumours that surround Momo. While some of them seem plausible and even quite likely, others just seem exaggerated for the sake of it, but the girls spread them all with the same amount of scandalised delight. I almost cheered when Rui retrieved the toy from the bin and pointed out she’d make her own mind up.

Domestic Girlfriend Episode 5

We then get a sequence of Rui and Momo shopping which is where the two run into Natsuo.

Natsuo who is still in nice guy/save the girl mode. Naturally Momo, flirty girl masking damaged girl, falls for him and while she does ask Rui if it is okay, it seems fairly obvious Momo has set her new target. What surprised me more about this was Natsuo going along with it on the second day as a means of moving on from Sensei. While rebounding with the first girl who asks you out may not be the best solution at least he seems ready to try to move on.

Domestic Girlfriend Episode 5 Momo
That would probably be a firm ‘no’.

It didn’t surprise me in the least though that Natsuo pulled out of actually sleeping with Momo and ended up cooking her a meal instead. While we first met Natsuo when he slept with Rui, he kind of questioned whether or not he’d made the right choice then so I didn’t see him going for another girl he just met even if he is trying to rebound.

Domestic Girlfriend Episode 5 Rui

Though the less said about the day in between when Natsuo first gave Rui a sponge bath and then gave her a suppository to deal with a fever the better. Domestic Girlfriend is still being just a little too creepy at times with the whole siblings/not-siblings and girl-I-first-slept-with/little-sister borderlines and to be honest the whole nursing the sick Rui probably didn’t need to go any further than getting her the water and maybe finding her some food she could eat.

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5 thoughts on “The Rumour Mill Surrounding The Easy Girl

  1. 30 partners and she’s what, 16? 😮

    And yes, the suppository was a bit needlessly random, although the aftermath with his exhausted “It went in!” was hilarious! 😛

  2. “rebounding with the first girl who asks you out”

    Isn’t that what all guys do?

    A sponge bath for the fever is what a lover, a mother or a nurse would do. Take her temp, some Advil, maybe some Tylenol and a juice to wash them down with would be the normal thing. Obviously, they are acting more like lovers even if she did tell him to forget it happened.

    A suppository is just too weird.

    1. I don’t think all guys would go out with some random girl just because she asked. Some might. Some might say it depends on the girl. But others would probably prefer to rebound with someone they at least knew basic information about.

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