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It must have been the week for tepid episodes. Outside of my must watch shows, most of the others delivered watchable but fairly ordinary content and The Royal Tutor, which has been pleasantly entertaining thus far, wasn’t an exception. Arguably, the moves by those against the Princes got more overt with a smear campaign being run in the paper uncovering a dark past (that is of course grossly exaggerated) and this adds some actual tension into a series that has so far been mostly light hearted.


But with a villain of the week who isn’t overly compelling and the greater mystery of Heine himself still untouched but hinted at, honestly this episode felt like a little bit of filler. One thing I will praise it for is the action sequence at the end. This show has so far mostly not had these sorts of sequences with the horse chase earlier in the series probably being the most action we’ve really seen. While the fight can’t compare to the action usually seen in action shows, it was certainly enjoyable enough.


Of course the ending leaves us hanging with yet another reference to Heine’s still undisclosed past. Hopefully that means we’re getting closer to that being revealed because in all honesty, they’ve built it up to the point where it can’t possibly be worth the wait.

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2 thoughts on “The Royal Tutor Episode 9

  1. Yeah the episode definitely felt like a filler. More mild teasers that Sensei is something more than just a tutor, but at this point the lack of information, or any real progression, is getting mildly frustrating for me because I’m so curious lol.

    1. I think it’s more the villains have already said they want to target him and yet so far haven’t taken action so we’re just kind of waiting while we solve yet more of the Prince’s issues.

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