The Royal Tutor Episode 7



Bruno is probably the character I have connected with the most in this show so I was pleased to see him get an episode in the spotlight as he’s really been background since his introduction. He’s an overachiever with a ridiculous inferiority complex who manages to see the strengths of everyone around him but himself. Normally that would annoy me in a character but Bruno is an undeniably hard worker and watching him try so hard to improve even if his efforts are at times misguided is pretty fun.


Still, it isn’t all sunshine and roses this week as there is a plot to manipulate Bruno into relinquishing his claim for the throne, much like last week’s attempt at convincing the youngest brother to move along. We learn a bit more about the plotter and the episode resolves this particular story when Bruno makes a clear decision.


While this show is not the most amazing thing ever, it certainly remains light hearted entertainment with a cast of characters that are all a bit more likeable than their first appearance suggested to me. Looking forward to the next episode.

The Royal Tutor is available on Crunchyroll.

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