The Royal Tutor Episode 6



This episode did two things really well and kind of improved my overall view of the show. Firstly, we turned our attention to one of the other Princes, specifically Licht, for the first time since the introductions during the first two episodes. While Licht has certainly made his presence felt, this was really the first time we spent any kind of time with him and saw more than just the persona he wanted us to see.


The second thing I really liked about this episode was it continued to give the King a presence in the show and continued to hint at the relationship between the King and Heine though it didn’t just drown us in exposition nor has it revealed its hand just yet.


I could add a third point but I’m not sure if this is going to ultimately be a positive or not, but we did finally get a hint of an actual antagonist in this story who might make things interesting if we go for some political intrigue. Of course, that would entirely depend on what the motives of this character are and how they go about their plans as to whether this is a good thing or not.

I must admit, after 6 episodes, this show has actually grown on me which is unusual for a show full of comedy as normally I get progressively more bored by the characters’ antics. Possibly it is because the comedy focus of this is definitely giving way to a character focus and it is kind of doing a pretty good job of that.

The Royal Tutor is available on Crunchyroll.

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