The Royal Tutor Episode 5



This episode we meet the King and learn that his official tone is very different from his private one as he shifts between his roles of father and King. It’s an interesting dynamic though I’m thinking it is also a joke that would wear thin quickly if it was the centre piece of the show so I’m glad that it is more of a side note.


Once again, we get an episode focussing on Leonhard’s lack of academic ability and mostly what I took from the training montage (study montage?) was that I want to eat cake. Though at least my attention span is a little better than Leonhard’s given he get’s distracted by his own affection for his brother and can’t pay attention to basic maths.


Anyway, this show remains kind of surprisingly charming. It isn’t exactly making me laugh out loud, but it is bringing a few smiles and has kind of enough sweet moments to make it feel kind of warm and fuzzy so I guess we’ll see if they ever reveal Heine’s secret and what happens then.

The Royal Tutor is available on Crunchyroll.

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