The Royal Tutor Episode 4



While the first three episodes of this were fine in their own way, and probably quite enjoyable if the style of comedy is more your thing, I honestly felt I could stop watching this show at any time and be perfectly fine with that. At the end of episode 4, I had a smile on my face and kind of wished the next episode was available which left me wondering why it had more of an impact.


I think it mostly came down to the fact that this episode didn’t feel like yet more character introductions and the interactions between the Princes, the Tutor, and the people in town all felt a little bit more natural than some of the stilted interactions we’d seen as they clamoured to give us the necessary information about each player in this story. Whichever way, I quite enjoyed following the Princes on their trip into town and the end of this episode is just sweet.

The Royal Tutor is available on Crunchyroll.

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2 thoughts on “The Royal Tutor Episode 4

  1. I felt the same way too! It had a much better impact on me and I found myself smiling as well. I’m curious to see what other “adventures” Haine-sensei will lead these princes on next! 🙂

    1. I am kind of hoping the tone from this episode continues as it was my favourite episode so far. I might end up really enjoying this if this is where it goes.

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