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For a show I only grudgingly tried and at first kind of tolerated as the humour was either hit or miss, I’ve actually grown to really enjoy this particular anime mid-week. The second half of the show has definitely focused more on the drama than the comedy aspects and for me that is actually really quite refreshing, but the comedy has never been too intrusive or annoying in this show.


This episode finally reveals the truth about Heine. We first hear about it mostly second hand as the Prince’s investigate the criminal in the palace rumour (at Heine’s request) and it is really great to see all four of them working together and playing to their strengths. Given the show has taken the time to develop each of these characters, watching them interact without Heine’s guidance and seeing how far they’d come over the course of the series was genuinely heartwarming.


The second half of the episode we hear the story from the mouth of the King all leading up to the climax which the audience has just been waiting for. It isn’t as though we didn’t know what would happen when Heine’s past was revealed as the show has certainly outright stated it more than once.

Overall, this was a delightful episode of a show that has been surprisingly charming and engaging. It isn’t going to make my must watch list any time soon, but I think it will find a place among shows I rewatch when after something a little lighter.  Though, it still has to finish well.

The Royal Tutor is available on Crunchyroll.

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4 thoughts on “The Royal Tutor Episode 11

  1. I’m quite liking it too, and the slow turn to a more serious… feel compared to the beginning is nice. I’m also really interested in its finale, as I heard the author of the Manga actually cried, alongside a seiyuu, while reading the script of Heine’s past, which is different from the original source (Manga) as it hasn’t even got to that point yet (anime goes for an original ending then).

    1. If its original lets hope they manage something good. But yeah, that slow change into a more serious story rather than a silly comedy has been really enjoyable (not that I was disliking the comedy too much for once, it was kind of funny).

  2. yeah, im still enjoying this episode. though i think the weirdest part of this episode was watching four guards beat up a kid while the crown prince was bleeding out on the street.

    1. I was wondering that too. Surely you should be helping the prince right now. Too busy covering themselves even though they were the ones who shot him.

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