The Royal Tutor Episode 10



Not a lot happens this episode because we initially get the conversation that reveals Rosenberg probably knows who Heine is (or was) and just kind of leaves things hanging and then we watch the Princes fool around as they try to first figure out Heine’s secret and then get super sappy and try to thank him for teaching them.


Of course, hanging over the whole episode is the knowledge that Heine is probably preparing to leave the Princes behind so all of his actions take on a kind of ominous appearance even when they are pretty ordinary. Every word he says to the Princes seems like a thinly veiled farewell so the audience is just kind of left waiting for a scene that doesn’t arrive.


Though the last few moments certainly seem to indicate that isn’t going to last and that they won’t stretch things out too much longer. Still, the cleaning scene did have me wondering for a moment what anime I was watching.



All and all I am in two minds about this. I’m pretty sure if I was binge watching this series I wouldn’t mind this lull and build up but when watching week to week this episode mostly just made me wonder when we were going to get somewhere.

The Royal Tutor is available on Crunchyroll.

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