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Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] Episode 7

The Ones Within has a small problem in that seven episodes of tough talking llama administrator aside nothing truly horrendous has happened to these characters (though Iride did come close to being killed by a demon). However it is a definitely truth that suspense and tension only lasts so long if there is never any follow through and you end up with a feeling that nothing irreversibly bad will ever happen to the cast. Which makes episode 7 of The Ones Within interesting as the characters themselves note that this might be the most dangerous game yet and they come fairly close to both irreversible consequences and to failing the game.

Okay, Makino isn’t taking the danger seriously at all.

But then they don’t follow through again and ultimately we finish with the cast just fine. It should be noted that the anime itself has apparently understood that this lack of follow through will eventually lead the audience to conclude that the suspense is all just smoke and mirrors and so the episode ends with the promise that somehow the stakes are about to be raised and that’s after an episode where they seem to be hinting quite strongly that one or more of these characters are about to have something drastic happen to them.


Possibly it is just more smoke amounting to nothing, and in honesty I’d probably prefer the characters to reach the end of the game without engaging in a blood bath or being needlessly massacred for the sake of edginess. However, this week we had the opportunity for one of more characters to have their eyeballs gouged out and the story essentially made it clear they wouldn’t follow through. Even allowing the blindness of at least one character to be permanent (maybe even in one eye) would have been some kind of follow through that would be enough to make the danger of the games feel very real.


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I also kind of expected more from the hide and seek game when they said all the rooms would be unlocked. I kind of wanted more discoveries to come to light about these characters, though it will be interesting to see what was found out from the papers in Roro’s room.


I really am enjoying this series but it is all just a delaying game at this point and if we don’t land on some concrete point before the end it will all feel rather empty. Still, points for a story that decides to go for a darker tone and doesn’t feel the need for mass slaughter from episode one to achieve it.

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5 thoughts on “The Ones Within Review Episode 7

  1. Actually, I like the low stakes. I think if it were more like Dangan Ronpa, I’d have dropped out by now. But it’s got that light absurd streak, and I’m totally happy with it. I’m actually hoping it won’t turn bad and continues in this vein. It’s simply my kind of low-key absurdity. It’s cute and comfortable and has good character dynamics, and that’s just how I like it. I don’t particularly want suspense.

    1. I think that would be fine if it didn’t keep hinting at something darker underneath. It feels like it is trying to balance two different tones at this point and it isn’t quite succeeding, though both tones could be quite fun if the show committed to them.

  2. I admit I was juuust a little diappointed by there being no “follow through.” But like you said, when I think about it, I don’t particularly want to see these characters get hurt or killed. I’m enjoying the show a lot too, so far. Thanks for the episode review.

    1. I know right. While I’m happy everyone got through the game, part of me feels that narratively this is a problem because I’m just not convinced that the writer would actually hurt one of these characters for real at this point (other than Iride’s broken arm). Then again, we did get kind of a dark tone at the end so maybe we’re about to descend into something a little darker.
      It is weird though. I don’t actually need a show to be violent to enjoy it. It is just this anime keeps teasing a very dangerous situation and then stepping away from it and it feels at this point like it either needs to commit or just go with the goofy comic side of itself.

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