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Defining Boundaries


Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] Episode 5

The satisfying viewing experience continues with this weird anime as we get more information about various characters and their motives as well a small insight into the nature of the game itself. The One’s Within is most definitely odd and at times seem random but there feels like there’s a method to the madness and that there is actually an end-game that we are heading towards.


The RPG continued with Karin and Iride having been kidnapped by the ogres last week and now Oshigiri and Onigasaki are using Roromori’s tracker to find them. The other characters get a brief amount of screen time but aren’t overly significant as this episode very much focuses on expanding on Oshigiri’s back-story and his quest to find his missing sister, filling in Onigasaki’s back-story and his relationship with his family, and Iride’s general weirdness even trying to befriend Paka, the llama guy, who is more or less orchestrating the situation they are in.


That’s a lot going on but it all kind of fits together and nothing feels overly rushed. Nor do we linger overly long on various back stories. We get the information we need and move on. It is very nicely done and while the overall tone of this anime is a bit odd (I don’t know that I’d actually describe it as a comedy so much as just a little bit surreal), I certainly feel it is doing better than its current MAL score would indicate.

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Though, I will point out that Karin remains the least developed character and it makes it hard to really care whether they rescue her or not. Given she’s been in the story for the same length of time as Iride it seems a shame she’s so one-dimensional and an uninteresting character but they’ve really not given her anything to work with.


On the other hand, we also got a bit of a reveal from Paka this week. When Iride was about to be killed by the ogre, Paka intervened. Given the threat of death for not participating in the first place (though I guess he technically only threatened to lock them up until the rest of the kids cleared the game – if they ever did) it kind of seems weird that now Paka is putting limitations on the games. Still, it adds an extra element to the whole mix and one that I’m considering the implications of.


That and Paka’s declaration that he’d ‘employ a reset’.  Part of me wonders what that entails and why it seemed so threatening. Curiosity has definitely got the better of me at this stage.


The One’s Within isn’t great but it is that quiet story churning along with enough interesting elements to keep me coming back and unlike a lot of shows on my watch list this season, this one keeps me thinking once the episode is done. Hopefully they do have a plan for all the intrigue because without it this could end up a lot of build up for little reward.

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