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Welcome back to another week and I am really happy to continue covering The Morose Mononokean with Irina. I will be in red and Irina is in blue (and in bold-italics). Hopefully you enjoy the post.

Well, the heat has continued more or less uninterrupted which makes for a great excuse to stay home on the weekend and watch anime. And what better way to start Sunday morning than with this cutie-delightful episode.

Oh we are talking weather again!!! Sweet. We had one hot day where everything melted and then it got back to being cold so now everything is ice! EVERYTHING. Walking the dog is an adventure! Poor boy slides so much. I know I shouldn’t laugh….

Sounds pretty cute to me watching a dog sliding on ice. Episode 4 takes us back to a strictly yokai of the week approach and while the preview for the next episode suggests we’re getting back into the whole ongoing story the season has set up, this one pretty much introduces us to a new yokai via Yahiko. I will say this episode seems to be trying to make up for the absence of cute last week with plenty of moments between Yahiko and the truly adorable Kinako and also quite a few scenes with Fuzzy in them. It is almost a cute yokai overload and I loved it.

The Morose Mononokean Season 2 Episode 4 Yahiko and Kinako

I was thinking of this while watching: which do you find cuter, the yorkie like Kinako or do you stay loyal to your favorite fulffball Fuzzy?

Easy, totally Fuzzy. Still, Kinako was cute.

The Morose Mononokean Season 2 Episode 4
Fuzzy on Hanae’s shoulder is just too adorable. More please.

It is kind of nice to see The Morose Mononokean return to this standard meet a yokai and convince it to return to the underworld formula. Mostly because I’d almost forgotten about the fact that yokai apparently struggle to stay in the mundane world. When we’re constantly seeing Fuzzy and Yahiko just kind of chilling with the other characters you almost forget that there are reasons why Abeno sends the other yokai ‘home’. Then again, I’m struggling to remember why, other than an attachment to Zenko and Abeno, Yahiko doesn’t want to return to the underworld. I may need to go back and remember. Unless you know?

He actually is being punished. He bit Zenko back when Abeno was a kid and he as to help out with the temple I think as long as she’s there.

The Morose Mononokean Season 2 Episode 4 Yahiko

This said, even back then there was something a bit off about Yahiko. We know he’s not actually a kid and in fact a pretty powerful yokai. There was always some friction with the underworld but I’m not sure we now the exact nature of it. I just remember that even when he was playing with little Abeno (ho was adorable) there was already something sad about Yahiko.

There isn’t a huge amount more to pull out of this episode. Watching Yahiko and Kinako play in the temple yard was really adorable. Seeing Kinako nearly disappear was heartbreaking, as it was supposed to be. The ultimate compromise solution suggested by Hanae is fairly typical Hanae, though once again he’s exhibiting interesting characteristics hearing Kinako’s voice as she nearly disappears. However, despite the story being fairly unremarkable it hit all the right notes.

The Morose Mononokean Season 2 Episode 4 Kinako

The obvious parallels between losing a beloved pet really twisted up my heart strings. It wasn’t that great an episode. The writing was a bit graceless and I found having two squeaky voiced characters chattering through most of it a bit annoying and yet I can’t say I didn’t like it.

It was in fact the most reminiscent of season 1 episodes so far.

It’s just that I’m very curious about the trouble brewing in the Underworld and I’m impatient to get back to it.

I do want to say that sunset was gorgeous. For a last sight of the mundane world, Kinako really lucked out.

The Morose Mononokean Season 2 Episode 4 Sunset

So not much to complain about this week. It was a great episode watching the characters going through their usual routine helping a yokai return to the underworld. We got to see Zenko and Yahiko properly (they’ve only really had a bit of a cameo in a previous episode this season) and Kinako was super cute. Looking forward to next week.

As I watched the episode I thought this is sweet, a bit saccharine maybe. OK it could use some subtlety, these characters are caricatures at this point and then BLAM, closing credits. Honestly, it felt like the episode had lasted all of five minutes.

Whatever is shortcomings, it really was paced fantastically. The story poured over me gently and the entire thing flew by before I even noticed it. For that I have to say kudos. I can’t wait to see what this skill can do with a meatier storyline!

The Morose Mononokean Season 2 Episode 4 Abeno

That wraps up week 4 of The Morose Mononokean. Use the links below to check out our previous posts and hopefully you will join us next week over on Irina’s blog when we discuss episode 5.

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