The Morose Mononokean Episode 11


I feel this episode would have had far more impact if my internet connection hadn’t continuously dropped while trying to watch it. As a result, I saw the episode in 2 – 5 minute blocks with a lot of frustrated waiting and reloading in between.

The episode picks up from last episode and we finally see Ashiya face a consequence for being an overly kind nit-wit. The question becomes will this lead to anything resembling a real conflict to be resolved or will they just wrap it up nicely in the first three minutes of the next episode (if there were any hints after the credits, I didn’t see them this week due to lack of loading). I enjoyed this episode more than the last couple despite the interruptions but I still feel this anime hasn’t quite managed to nail consistency or engage me with the characters as well as I would have liked to be.

The Morose Mononokean is available on Crunchyroll.

3 thoughts on “The Morose Mononokean Episode 11

    1. I guess we’ll know if it is worth finishing soon. It kind of stagnated a bit in the middle but this episode seemed to indicate that things might get interesting before the end.

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