The Morose Mononokean Episode 1 + 2


Ashiya is about to start high school however on his way home one day he picks up what he thinks is a toy to ensure no one steps on it. It turns out it’s a yokai and it becomes very attached to him. In desperation he rings a number he found on the school bulletin board and meets an exorcist.

Review Episode 1:

I quite enjoyed this first episode even though it is largely set up and getting the two characters together. The whole time watching it I kind of got the feeling that it was somewhere between Natsume Yuujinchou and XXXHolic. I’m kind of hoping it get’s its own vibe somewhere along the line but I found this very cute and entertaining. I’m hoping Ashiya develops as a character and I’m kind of hoping we learn more about the exorcist but overall this episode gave us a nice intro to the world and how things are going to play out.

Review Episode 2:


This one is definitely trying for the position of my favourite anime this season. It is a perfect blend of sweetness, fantasy, and just enough drama to keep things moving and interesting. Like episode 1, I’m definitely getting a Natsume feeling from this but even then the characters are a little bit livelier and have a bit more attitude. It’s definitely shaping up to be a yokai of the week story but it feels like the developing relationship between the two characters and Ashiya becoming more attuned to seeing yokai will nicely tie this all together. Loving this so far.

The Morose Mononokean is available on Crunchyroll.

5 thoughts on “The Morose Mononokean Episode 1 + 2

  1. I’m getting used to the show, cause to me it feels a little cliche to be honest. I’m really on the fence about it, but its growing on me haha.

    1. Oh it’s definitely cliche and while I know that has annoyed me about other shows I think that the way these cliches are being handled is a little better here. It is by the numbers but doesn’t quite feel like someone is running through a check list.

  2. YESSS. I love this show. It’s so cute and sweet. I hope Ashiya gets powers. It’d be so cool! But he’s so innocent. It’s kinda cute. (Reminds me of Jacuzzi from ‘Baccano’. So stupid until he has to toughen up.)
    I can’t wait for the next episode!

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